Why money doesnt work

capitalism is a kind of social system that always must be growing. capitalism combined with imperialism leads to globalization. we are always producing more and more in order to make more and more money. the problem is when the things we produce destroys the world. human beings need resources to thrive: water, food, and ENERGY! the sun warms the earth and gives us energy. before, we equated land with value, because land gave us energy (fossil fuels, coal...). now there are too many people within land. this is evident in china. there are too many people! china is using too much energy because of it! their energy use is actually polluting OUR country. we have traced pollutants found on the west coast as having travelled from china. there are consequences to this. when nature stops being hospitable, it becomes uninhabitable. up until now, the cost has not met the benefit of switching to clean energy. this cost is now including lives. WE ARE PRIORITIZING MONEY OVER LIFE! 

human nature includes economics, culture, politics, society and its relation to environment, and spirituality.  right now, our economy is prioritized at the expense of every single aspect of human development. the world relates to each other in the pretense of money, when really it relates to each other through labor. simply the existence of money creates classes, those with "better, more necessary" jobs and those in unskilled jobs with no money. money inherently makes people better than others, privileging some and oppressing some.  

abolition of money provides FREE EDUCATION. free education makes everyones labor equal through the simple idea of EQUAL OPPORTUNITY. 

the problem we see is how can we get everyone to be the same. democrats want to tax republicans to provide them with services. republicans want to keep their money and want tax breaks so that a "trickle down effect" can take place and they can "help" the economy through their own spending. 

the problem comes here- if you make over 200,000 dollars, you are more heavily taxed. but what happens if you make 200,001 dollars? you cant stop before you make 200,000 dollars, so now you are screwed, fucked, or generally wiped out. its a problem!!

the democrats (or poor) are regarded as slave labor to make the rich wealthy. the rich are frightened of being taxed and want to keep their wealth.

ABOLISH MONEY!!! the rich still have their homes, their cars, and a general head start, but now the poor have a chance to have things too.

the problem that arises is over consumption. through the expansion of capitalism and the greed that accompanies a society based on money, we are looking to spend our money on more and more things. 


our politics are based on our economy which is why we have such political unrest. cultures are wiped out as globalization homogenizes people to fit into capitalist society. social relations with the earth and ecosystem are creating chaotic environmental problems. religion becomes a tool in which to endorse and justify slavery. ALL OF THIS IS BECAUSE OF MONEY!

crime is related to theft. theft is related to poverty. if we end poverty, we end theft, and we end crime. abolition of money/FREE SOCIETY fixes this problem!

this is no longer a choice. we must demand the abolition of money as it has previously affected a powerless group UNTIL NOW. WE DEMAND THE ABOLISHMENT OF MONEY IN ORDER TO FINALIZE THE ABOLISHMENT OF SLAVERY.

the governments role is not to oppress the poor in favor of the rich, but to facilitate happiness for all. the cia already transports drugs and has been for years. but we do not recognize south americas cash crops marijuana or cocaine, africa's khat, or the middle east's popeye as ligitimate sources of agricultural wealth, even though we manufacture an even more harmful crop, tobacco.

money creates hypocrisy and oppression. we must demand a new situation where we are dependent on our government and economic injustice no more, but rather on our own labor.

end money now


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