From Body to Spirit

the following was purchased on union street for 5 dollars (offered for 3):

by martin ross

Brothers and Sisters: it is the ultimate truth and reality that the true purpose of life is to evolve; or evolution. Our evolution as human beings involves three main factors and they are what we eat, how much we eat, and how often we eat. The reason these three factors are so important is because it is the food we get from the earth that connects us with the earth and creates our bodies. Our physical bodies are mortal and finite, but more than just our physical body. In reality the only reason we are on this planet is to transcend our physical bodies. The less food we eat, the less often we eat, the less food we will need in the future to satisfy our hunger, until one day we will reach the point where we won't need any food at all and will not be hungery. This is going from gross to fine. Our fine body or spirit is made of pure energy, is omniscient, omnipotent, is immortal and is not dependent on the earths resources.



there is not much to do when one has no money and no friends to speak of, except then to sit in places that are, in fact, very pleasant places to be seated in. that way, one does not get so tired, nor does one become quite so irritable, as when that same one stands in the particular place he could otherwise be sitting (or laying!) in. i must admit that during the minutes that constitute my life, i have indeed sat in many places, though perhaps i should rephrase and substitute for the word "many," to say "various" instead, as i have realized that many adjectives ascribe their value relatively. that is to say, "many places" turns into "various places" once we can understand that there are indeed an extraordinary number of places to be seated in. i hope to say plainly then, and without too much of an affront of mockery, that i am prone to sitting in places.

what is perhaps one of the most interesting ways to spend time, or kill it, depending on your point of view i suppose, is to engage in the intercourse of human dialogue in order to fully behold the conversation of which it births. i myself have often become a participant in the connection that permeates the interaction for which i hold myself in total reverence, lest i miss those crucial moments that come and are gone in the blink of an eye: flashes of original brilliance that escape in the rapidity of a child's first fleeting steps, for example. the manifestation of such individuality, born and reborn through every word spoken and tangent traversed leads not only to the joining of specific horizons but the reuniting of souls, whether they have met before or not. it is true then, that benches are certainly the factories for this sort of social production.

i have sat on benches in america, france, england, ireland, switzerland, germany, austria, italy, greece, the netherlands, and other places too. benches are a good place to spend time.

So then, the stories that follow this introduction to those same stories come to you not from myself, but from those you will probably never know. Do not be disappointed; this is not sad, but happy! that you shall acquire a new sense of awareness, though perhaps not directly, is a fantastic construction that would not otherwise have been made known to you, had it not been for an acute desire for understanding and knowledge (mine, and so yours by default). it is thus that i shall reveal the world as it was revealed to me by those who dwell within its boundaries: the recognition of the people of the world; and likewise, the world of its people.