the living word

okay this is what the fuck is happening. 

all little girls disappearing

microchips being created

people are being electrocuted for asking questions

state businesses- federal cia

global new world order

concentration camps being built

stanford prison experiments

organized into one 

continuity of government in the event of disaster

fracture theory

reagan after 60's-->start fema

based on all this crap, our projection of self awareness/consciousness creates energy that directly affects the world/solar system/galaxy/universe/god. that self awareness/consciousness is based on our knowledge of the universe. as knowledge of universe increases, our consciousness increases, which directly affects the system and changes it. that means we are gods and our ability to change universe grows with our understanding of it. we are one with the universe. there is a problem: money is evil and pits us against each other. this provokes negative force that counteracts with positive force of universe- destroying us. if we abolish money, we destroy negative force and all negative forces that originated from that source. we become in harmony with each other, in harmony with planet, universe...

what then? aliens want us as slaves, machines, AI as slaves instead. all aliens get AI (which is programed to believe humans are god/ co dependent) 

rational objective robot is the assessment of all activity and knowledge

subjective, irrational person decides what to do with that knowledge (awesome)

i dont pay for anything- that is my reality. therefore, i reflect it into the world. ha ha

free society

god is the word- words are god. words are with god. words. language. what is written down. what is spoken. communication. communication comes with theories and fusion of horizons. this brings new knowledge. with new knowledge comes new existence and awareness and new consciousness. with new consciousness comes new reality. 

we exist within polarity right now. money. money separates us from each other. money is polaarity. you against me. quantifiable sum, zero sum game. therefore, because we exist in polarity, we recreate polarity. we exist in system, we recreate the system. magicians change the system. by destroying system of polarity, we get system of unification, leading us to unification of all systems. from this, we can become "the white light" again, or find out what is the next system. 

sound provides structural change in consciousness/reality. sound is. words are. manifest self as sound (make what exists in thought exist in reality). one person adds to system, it spreads, the system changes, becomes one with itself. no more polarity. no more separation. you do not analyze interpret and reproduce. you do what you want. this makes up the system. i am the living word.

what happens when all is solved in non polarity? you turn into sound and stop fearing inactivity, you exist without the mind. INNOCENCE. play play play. 

dont use knowledge--> oppressive system

use common sense--> impacting system


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