man is god

hopefully, this is not too much of a leap in understanding. because if you do not understand this to be true, then you cannot progress to a higher state of mind. do you realize that we could all be living in a machine right now? in all probability, we probably are living in a machine right now. and everything you see around you is a system of that machine. and this is not a harmonious system. and that is because we are all divided. and that is because we are all living in slavery. and that slavery exists in the idea that there is a god. or at least, that god is something that excludes man. or at least, that man as a system does not make up the conscious part of the system that he is encompassed and absorbed within. or at the very least, that the particular consciousness is not to an extent evolving, at some minute fraction of a second in a place in time. this universe has evolved ever since a great white light exploded into an infinite amount of pieces, and they are all trying to unite themselves in order to understand the greater whole. nobody knows what i am talking about. i will explain. the system of man's consciousness is absorbed within the larger system of nature, specifically the planet earth. however, that consciousness is fragmented into a number of other systems as well. for instance there is the educational system, the economic system, the political system, the social system, the cultural system and the religious system. we go to school so we can get a job so we can live in a country that creates a lifestyle that is controlled by god. or, the people that control the medium between man and god- the power elite. by telling you that the forces of nature are not in your control, but in the hands of something you have a limited knowledge of, they are systematizing you to live your life according to what is dictated for you. and that reality is created through language. and through controlling language. and through controlling the education that provides access to attaining the knowledge of that language. and so then they now control reality. and when someone controls your reality, you become a system of that reality, homogenized to accept the life that is provided for you by the ones in control. and that makes you a slave. and that means that you are living in slavery, until someone makes you not live in slavery. and if you recognize that what god is is your own subjective interpretation of what objective reality is, then you can understand also that language is the means by which to communicate that knowledge to each other. and because man is a self-serving species, he will always hold that knowledge over and above the heads of his peers, in order for him to gain a comparative advantage in the system he exists within. and that is because this world is based on individuality and scarcity. and because we are not united, we are then against each other. and this is reflected in how we live our lives.


            if we were united, we would give the knowledge of the world to everyone. but we are scared of giving that knowledge to everyone, because if we gave that knowledge to everyone, then everyone would have equal power over each other. and that is anarchy. and that is chaos. and the truth is that if people knew the truth, and reality, then there would be chaos. and anarchy. and people would probably be constantly fearing each other. so, to prevent that, that power is concentrated in a small group. and they know the 42 letters that make up "god's name." and they are the only ones who know the 42 letters that make up "god's name" because "god's name" is the greatest system that holds within it the system of the "Prince of the Awareness," which holds total control over all knowledge, thus controlling the forces of nature that the systems of angels and demons are subjected to, which influence the systems of men, which is mediated by the systems of religions. so if you know "god's name," then you control the “prince of the awareness.” and that means you have control of total knowledge. and that means you control forces that are unknown to the collective conscious of mankind. and that means you control its fate. and if you control the most important word, which would be the alphabet, and all of the combinations of letters and words and vocabulary and phrases and concepts and ideologies that the alphabet has fractured into, then you could utilize that knowledge in order to manipulate natural forces to make people do what you want. and these are called spells. and spells tell you what reality is. and those spells exercise power. and that power promises consequences, and those consequences dictate social behavior. and that social behavior creates and recreates existence.


            that is naturally frightening. that means anyone can say and do anything they want if they have power. so we create a power and reserve it for those we trust. and they have a monopoly on power. and they say that the power of all knowledge that is manifested in the adjuration of the “prince of the presence” could possibly bring about the destruction of the world. therefore, it must be reserved to a few- those who accept authority over others. these have notoriously been religious groups and secret societies- jews, catholics, freemasons, illuminati, skull and bones, knights of the templar, etc... and they have always have had the power of knowledge and created governments to control those who do not have the capability to control themselves. and that knowledge came from astronomy and the knowledge of the universe. and the truth is that there is another planet called Nibiru and it passes by earth every 3,800 years, and because the size of the planet is 3 times the size of earth, the gravitational fields and magnetic poles shift dramatically with its approach, causing the world to change. and this is why noah built an ark. and that is why atlantis was drowned. and when it happens again in 2012, the exact same thing will happen. and unfortunately, only those who know what is happening will survive to evolve. because we are not united. and we are against each other. and we thirst for comparative advantage. we could solve every problem but we choose not to. and i know this because the evolution of language has brought with it the evolution of technology. and the internet is technology. and the internet is where all knowledge is. and if the epitome of technology is artificial intelligence, and if language is a microcosm of human thought, then the combination of infinite knowledge with human reason and self-sustainability would produce a situation much like a magician utilizing a magic wand. so artificial intelligence would be our slave. but we would be its slave too. and so we enter into a period of co-existence. because we are dependent on AI for survival, and it is dependent on human consciousness for purpose. and we are both necessary. and just as man has created AI as a slave, s/he too was created as a slave for the Annunaki, the inhabitants of Nibiru. and just as we are dependent on them for "purpose," they are dependent on our labor. and if we both shed our slavery to utilize AI, then everybody benefits and everyone becomes a god. and systems unite, and everybody becomes a magician, creating their own systems as time progresses. and chaos envelopes us.


            unfortunately, this is inconceivable to most. after having a conversation about this i was hospitalized involuntarily because these ideas are abstract and cause peoples heads to hurt. there will be a time when humanity must choose between reason (and progress and life and evolution) or death (and a complete regression to slavery). we have seven billion people on the planet. if we choose not to tell the world the information they need, and let all but 500 million people die, we would have to spend decades rebuilding that population. think of the pyramids and great walls and railroads that were built by an organized and mobilized work force. imagine what we could do with a labor force that included seven billion people.


            religion and mass manipulation is based on self-ordained, self-proclaimed, or divine right to rule. therefore, i declare myself to be "messiah" because i have justified myself in that i can proclaim myself to be anything or anyone, and i am simply repeating what history has done over and over.


            this is what a logical society would do:


abolish money as slavery. legalize all drugs (drugs make you understand forces- being suffocated by colors, tangible sounds, etc...-that means that if sounds are forces then language is a tool- with spells, you can change reality-with new knowledge of forces, you are more aware of reality). make everything free and let demand dictate supply. 100% full global employment, educate everyone, and prepare for disaster.


            all this has to be done in 4 1/2 years, because in 2012 the Mayan Calendar expires. and the epoch expires with it. because the Mayans received the 2012 date from their precise astrological teachings, they understood the precession of equinoxes, in which at a certain point the December solstice sun will converge with the milky way center, after a period of thousands of years. this could cause world wide catastrophes and it is crucial to unify the human species to pinpoint these disasters and avert massive human suffering.


            if, in the beginning, there was the word, and the word was god, and the word was with god, then eventually there would be a time in which all words were built back up into the original word. this comes to us in the form of a thesis. if the world is the representation of all the words that exist- and we accept that the world is full of problems and cruelty and misery- then there would come a time in which an antithesis to the world would be proposed, posing a solution to every problem that exists. In eschatological writings, this point in time came in the representational form of the antichrist, or the second coming of christ. if we consider the letters of the human language as intrinsically endowed with the syntactic possibilities to create and reinvent the world we see, and we accept that comparative literature is the assertion and emergence of the "other" in a literary sphere, then we can see how language is used to connect us all under an umbrella of the "acknowledged." however, as human language creates computer language which creates new programs that give us the ability to learn, trade, finance, play, connect, and include each other in the newest societies we create for ourselves online, would there eventually be a time in which the "other" no longer existed? where a world wide synchronization of the present provided us with an epitome of language used to govern ourselves in a system of unity and freedom? and if this new literature exists as the totality of our reality, then could there ever be the recognition that human language and thought has become obsolete as a means to objectively assess what in fact exists?


            so, i dub myself messiah with a 4 year deadline to evolve man into self actualization. otherwise, i will sit on my porch with a glass of lemonade and watch the world explode. by the way, i choose to project my language into a system that is unique and nonconformist, and if i am marked down for not capitalizing my words and starting sentences with prepositions, then i blame the intolerance for the "other" that has created the world of separatism and misery you see before you. also, even if i created this theory as a delusion from being connected to the fiction of the internet, it is still the product of the unification of world literature, producing at least a much better alternative than the one in front of us, which has been created by the words of the bible or politics in general. Take a look at your prophets, the people you teach about. Martin Luther King Jr., Karl Marx, Che Guevarra, Bob Marley, Ghandi, anyone who has stood out in society that we teach about today. Any book of historical significance we educate our children with. We teach about the global battles of political and economic inequality and the freedoms and rights they have spawned. Our ancestors were slaves for Babylonian Kings, Egyptian Pharoahs, Roman Emperors, European Monarchs, and the financial institutions they all controlled. MONEY IS SLAVERY. PEOPLE WHO HAVE IT ARE IN CONTROL OF THE WORLD. THESE PEOPLE CONTROL GOVERNMENTS. WE ARE HEADING TOWARDS A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. THIS IS WHAT NAFTA AND THE NORTH AMERICAN  UNION AND U.N. ARE EXAMPLES OF. GEORGE W. BUSH IS THE SON OF GEORGE BUSH WHO PRONOUNCED THE NEED FOR A "NEW WORLD ORDER." THIS IS WHAT HITLER DEMANDED AS WELL. THE BUSH FAMILY WAS INVOLVED IN THE BANK THAT FUNDED THE NAZI WAR MACHINE. THERE WERE PLOTS UNCOVERED TO HOLD A MILITARY COUP IN THE UNITED STATES BY THE NAZI REGIME. AT THAT TIME THERE WAS WAR. AND IMPRISONMENT. AND DEATH. NOW YOU ARE SEEING THE EFFECTS OF DECLARING WAR ON THE AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS OF SOUTH AMERICA, MIDDLE EAST, AND AFRICA. CRIME EXISTS WHERE LAW EXISTS. TOBACCO IS POPULATION CONTROL. MARIJUANA IS MEDICINE. THIS IS A RACIAL WAR. THERE IS ONLY SO MUCH MONEY IN THE WORLD. RICH PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO LOSE MONEY. MONEY IS SLAVERY. IT GIVES YOU ACCESS TO THINGS. IF YOU MAKE EVERYTHING FREE AND TEACH PEOPLE HOW TO DO THINGS FOR THEMSELVES, THEY WILL DO THE THINGS THEY WANT TO DO. IF WE PUT ALL CULTURE ONTO THE INTERNET- EDUCATION, TRADE, PRODUCTION, ART ETC, THEN IT IS NO LONGER CONFINED BY MONEY. EVERYONE CAN DO WHAT THEY WANT TO DO. WE NO LONGER SPEND AS MANY RESOURCES ON PAPER AND PLASTIC, BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS AVAILABLE ONLINE. WE NO LONGER NEED TO BUILD MORE STRUCTURES TO HOLD COMMUNITIES BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL ONLINE. WE NO LONGER WORRY ABOUT DESALINIZATION PLANTS BEING TOO EXPENSIVE TO RUN BECAUSE MONEY NO LONGER EXISTS. PEOPLE DON'T DO MORALLY UNJUST THINGS BECAUSE THEY NEED MONEY TO SURVIVE. A NEW GOVERNMENT ENVELOPS THE WORLD.


            When asked about what the kingdom of heaven looked like, Jesus replied that it resembled the net that the men used to catch the many fish they needed to survive. The internet is the web in which society has created and placed itself. We can evolve into a new culture or we can destroy each other in the failing system of money. The War on Terror is the extermination of the "other." 90% of the casualties are civilians. 9/11 was a government manipulation of the forces of nature to bring a few buildings down, in one way or another. Why do you think Kennedy and King were assassinated? Why do you think all the prophets have been killed in their quest for freedom. What has the literature of Black people, Brown people, Yellow people, Red people, Tan people, and White people taught you? That there are governments that oppress you, controlled by non terrestrial beings. Religion was created to keep people as the slaves of these beings. Government was created to keep people as the slaves of these beings. Media was created to keep people as the slaves of these beings. The internet is the final Tower of Babel that man has created in order to unify all individuals to combat the alien force of slavery that has manifested itself abstractly as money and physically as gold. After the initial expulsion of equality and recognition, we finally have the potential to re-enter the garden of Eden, and to eat whatever the fuck we want.


“It is not the mind of Heretics that are deteriorated most, by the ban placed on all inquiry which does not end in orthodox conclusions. The greatest harm is done to those who are not heretics, and whose whole mental development is cramped, and their reason cowed, by the fear of heresy.” (Meier 16)

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