Dead Presidents and the Living Word

anarchy is not the dissolution of the state, but rather the continual creation of a new state. this new state is unrelentingly evolving, manifesting itself in a symbiotic process, with no system being hindered in its freedom by any other. democracy is fundamentally opposed to this "utopia" as it is simply a totalitarian regime that is voted in (through a "democratic process") -- the enslavement of one population by a majority of another. anarchism is an absolute and fundamental moral code, with "freedom" being its core belief. abortion, gay marriage, drug use, and the use of guns are all acceptable courses of action in an anarchist system, yet violence towards others is excluded. this is in part because all parties work together, as the only enemy available is the system itself. Fear of a static system will circumvent the violence towards the encompassing (and oppressive) idea, with the hope that the enemy eventually will be destroyed. thus, there is no fear of other members in the group, primarily because those members are in turn needed to destroy the system as well. There is no law because there is no need for law. there is no need for protection because there is nothing to be protected from. money, policy, and profit are all subverted by a general benevolence that works to collectively solve problems for a community, through the theories and actions provided by the individuality that makes up the social organism, in an autoimmunitary process. anarchism is synonymous with chaos theory, albeit in a social context, and so is unable to be categorized by something as trivial as a word, or the system of letters, called "anarchism." similarly, "Anarchism" may never exist as an entity in and of itself because it is divorced from structure as it is a perfectly mutable substance originating from nowhere but the mind. thus, while social interaction and its subsequent institutions may be facilitated and indeed bettered by anarchist thought and philosophy, one can not and never will live in an anarchist state. there is at the same time no power and total power, a contradiction that provides for the total collapse of any and all hierarchy and privilege. anarchism is then not the abolition of government, but rather its epitome. :) prepare for the kingdom of god.

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