In response to newsweeks, "Why There Wont Be a Revolution"

in response to the february 16, 2009 newsweek magazine (whose front page headline is WE ARE ALL SOCIALISTS NOW) article, "why there wont be a revolution"), i must say that there WILL be a revolution, it just has not happened yet. this absence is due to the following:

1) americans have no idea what a revolution is, most likely due to the total neglect of education. citizens have no context of their place in time, and do not therefore consider revolution as a possibility.

2) americans are all pussies, most likely because there has not been a war fought on their homeland since they wiped out the natives. oh, except for 9/11, and i suppose pearl harbor, but that was like 3000 and 2500 deaths respectively. americans are frightened of violence and feel as if death will be contained to the the members of the armed forces who "choose" to fight- cause we all know freedom isnt free, right?

3) what would americans revolt against, and what could be better? america is the only land of true freedom, right? the place where one comes to flourish because of opportunity! if you dont like it, geeeeeet out! give me a break.

4) everybody in america hates and fears everyone else, so no one is going to band together and decide someone is worth revolting against. democracy is the most "enlightened" form of government, isn't it?? how are you going to revolt against the government, the manifestation of diversity, and populist opinion. ESPECIALLY WHEN OBAMA IS PRESIDENT. if you revolt against him, you are obviously against the people. arent you? ha ha

5) the only thing you could possibly revolt against is policies. that means you revolt against words. could anything be more ludicrous? how do i fight words? with a gun?

6) in a place as christianized as america, and under such a religious spell, the only one who is going to start a revolution is jesus. we're all just waiting for the messiah, arent we. whats a plebian to do?

so there you go. people dont know what a revolution is, they are too wimpy to have a revolution (even if they knew what one was), we already live an a utopia, and its already governed by the chosen leader of the freeworld. plus, the only one who's ever going to do anything about it anyway is coming down from the sky to welcome us into heaven on earth.

i need a job. i need money. i need food and a place to live. i want to do whatever i want. 

the revolution is coming motherfuckers. are you ready for it? who can imagine something else?



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