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Just War Theory

Although the War against Terrorism is different from previous wars, I believe that it is a “Just War” and that it meets all of the conditions enumerated by the U.S. bishops in their 1983 statement “The Challenge of Peace”.

1. Just Cause - The war on terrorism was declared to confront the “real and certain danger” of unprovoked attacks on innocent life such as the one on the World Trade Center, and to preserve conditions necessary for decent human existence and to secure basic human rights such as the right to feel safe in one’s own country.

2. Competent Authority - The war on terrorism was declared by the President of the United States representing the people of the United States. He is an elected official and therefore has proper authority to enforce public order.

3. Comparative Justice - The rights of people to be able to live in peace justify going after terrorists who launch large scale unprovoked attacks on civilian people in their own country and without any warning

4. Right Intention - The war on terrorism is intended to wipe up all terrorism so that people can live in peace, and is targeted at only the terrorists although some civilians in countries that protect terrorists might get hurt. The United States has specific targets and is not using unnecessary destructive weapons such as nuclear bombs.

5. Last Resort - The US made it clear that the war that we find ourselves in at this time is a last resort. All peaceful alternatives were exhausted after the US gave enough time to the Taliban in Afghanistan to hand over Bin Laden and other terrorists.

6. Probability of Success - It is probable that the US will disrupt terrorism in Afghanistan and in the world although it probably won’t destroy it completely. This war will be successful because it will force governments who protect terrorism to rethink their position.

7. Proportionality - The damage and costs incurred by the war seem proportionate to the good expected for the US and the world community because it will dismantle terrorism and bring peace to the world.





Blessed are the unattractive,

For they will be called beautiful in the light of the Lord.

Blessed are the diseased,

Heaven’s eternal life will strengthen them all.

Blessed are the oppressed for the sake of their Lord,

For they will be the first to receive the treasures of heaven.

Blessed are those who are burdened with sorrow,

For they will soon laugh with pleasure.

Blessed are those whose voices are suppressed,

For they will soon shout the word of God.

Blessed are the kind and just,

For their generosity will save them from the world’s evil.

Blessed are those who speak out against the evil of the world,

For their words will help to create the kingdom of God on earth.

Blessed are those who sacrifice themselves for the greater good,

For their example will earn them a place in heaven.

Ce matin, un moine franciscain est venu à notre école et il nous a parlé de beaucoup de choses. Il nous a raconté l’histoire de Saint Francois, de ses batailles, qu’il avait été un otage. Le moine nous a parlé aussi de la relation entre les Etats-Unis et la Russie et les armes nucléaires. Il nous a dit que les Etats-Unis dépense des trillions de dollars pour les armes mais pas pour les logements pour les pauvres et il nous a dit qu’il y aura moins de clochards quand nous construirons plus de logements. Il a répondu à nos questions sur la peine de mort et la guerre en Afghanistan. Il a donné beaucoup de bonnes réponses et j’ai aimé sa présentation.

Vocab list

un moine- monk

le logement- housing

un immeuble- building

la bataille- battle

les clochards- street people

des armes nucleaires- nuclear weapons

la rancon- ransom

un otage- hostage

le traumatisme- trauma

la peine de mort- death penalty