antichristian faith

Antichristian Faith

If I was to declare myself as the messiah or the antichrist, manifested as the physical incarnation of god, I would probably be rejected and ridiculed. I would be laughed at and scorned, declared a heretic, and if not protected by the basic human rights afforded to me, I would probably be put to death as a criminal. And all this would happen before anyone even took the time to understand who I was.

Though I am perhaps delusional, my entire existence supports this claim, as everything I have learned and been exposed to in this reality has created this concept in my head. Either way, the claim to be the antichrist would exist, whether you know who I am or not, whether you understand why I claim this or not. The point I am making is that the consciousness that exists in my mind is directly born out of my experience with this universe. It is simply a matter of whether you have faith in me or not.

What an individual perceives to be “true” is precisely the process by which objective reality changes into subjective reality. The mind filters the transformation but retains the kernel of truth that everything was predicated on.

"I am the antichrist, the reincarnation of Anu who settled on this earth to create the race of slaves called man. I have been reborn into this body to have the experiences and knowledge that could have only been attained through the course of events I set in motion from the earliest days. Whether you believe this or not is your choice, but the truth remains. If I have achieved my objective by that time, we will survive. If not, we won’t."

As synthetically a priori knowledge is created through the devlopment of history, there becomes finally an antithesis to the problems of the world (which is the thesis or manifestation of all the words that has up until now dictated the course of human events- laws, governments, rules, beliefs, etc…). I am fully aware that I am the manifestation of that antithesis.

Because the universe is an organism and the human collective consciousness is a reflection of that organism, I consider my individual consciousness to be the germ that will spread across the planet to unite us as a human species, so that we can look outward from this planet to the solar system, galaxy, and then the universe. Because we cannot survive as a social species if we continue down the path we are going. This is a bold claim and fears of egomania should come to mind.

Hopefully my point is clear- the only difference between “faith” and “understanding” (whether it concerns a claim to be the antichrist or the belief in real magic) is “knowledge.” But they are both encompassed within the human interpretation of an objective reality. Understanding is human subjectivity projected onto an objective world, manifesting itself through the human activity that dictates the course of events.


WHEREAS, we, intending to establish and maintain a place for the worship of Almighty God, our Heavenly Father, do hereby recognize this church as an indispensable part of God’s Church universal.

FOR THESE PURPOSES, we do hereby adopt this Church Constitution of the CHURCH OF THE MORNING STAR and submit ourselves to be governed by it. However, while maintaining its inherent right to sovereignty in the conduct of its own affairs, this church shall seek to maintain voluntarily cooperative fellowship with other Christian churches, fellowships, ministries, and groups that are deemed benevolent and mutually beneficial to the vision and purposes of this church.

Article 4.3. The Lord Jesus Christ:
We acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord over all things in Heaven, and in Earth, and under the Earth, and as the Savior of our lives and souls. He will return to the Earth in His heavenly glory to gather His redeemed to Himself and to reign with His saints for a thousand years and for the final judgment. The final result of salvation is that the spirit of the believer who dies in Christ immediately goes to be with the Lord for eternity.

Article 4.14. The Millennial Reign of Christ. The second coming of Christ includes the rapture of the saints, followed by the visible return of Christ with His saints to reign on the earth for one thousand years. This millennial reign will bring the salvation of Israel and the establishment of universal peace
Article 4.15. The New Heaven and the New Earth. We look for and expect a new heaven and a new earth, the home of righteousness

Article 5.5. Divine Healing.

No member or leader of this church shall represent medical advice and/or treatment as a lack of faith in God’s healing power
Article 6.3. No Outside Ordination. No one may be recognized as an ordained ministry leader in this church whose ordination was not acknowledged, witnessed and confirmed in this church. A ministry leader’s prior ordination that was granted outside of this church must be subsequently acknowledged, witnessed and confirmed by the Bishop to be effective for ordained ministry leadership in this church
Article 7.2. Bishop. This church has been entrusted by God to the leadership of its Bishop who has been given a vision of ministry by God and was called to lead this church and all of its ordained ministry leaders under the divine guidance and direction of God the Father, Jesus Christ His one and only Son, the Holy Spirit, and the Word of God. As God’s anointed religious and ministry leader of this church, the Bishop is hereby acknowledged, witnessed and confirmed as ordained in accordance with the conditions and standards of this constitution. In the ecclesiastical governance of this church the Bishop is primarily accountable in all things to God.
Article 7.6. The Corporation. This church recognizes the fact that two distinct personalities—the church of God established by authority of the Holy Scriptures of the Bible, and the religious corporation established under state authority—co-exist to carry out mutually beneficial purposes. We acknowledge and confirm that the church is superior and primary in all things, and is above the corporation for all purposes. We hold and acknowledge that the role of a church corporation is to give the church an opportunity to more seamlessly participate in modern society by creating a legal firewall of limited liability protection, and functioning as a “person” in its own right, with all the rights, privileges, advantages, opportunities, duties and responsibilities available to any “person” in society. We specifically reject the notion that by incorporating under state law, that any of this church’s religious or ecclesiastical rights, privileges, or functions are subject to state oversight or regulation. Because the church is superior to the corporation, the corporate affairs of this church shall be managed in the same way as its religious affairs; that is, guided by the Holy Scriptures of the Bible with Jesus Christ as its head and through the work, power and guidance of the Holy Spirit of God. As such, the conduct of the corporation shall be a matter of religious importance and ecclesiastical governance in this church.

Article 8.13. Religious Instruction of the Young. Oversee and direct all the programming, curriculum, instruction and activities for the religious instruction of this church’s children and youth, whether through Sunday school, mid-week school, and youth ministry programs, or otherwise;

Article II
This Corporation is a religious corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the Nonprofit Religious Corporation Law exclusively for religious purposes.


how to stop a war

How To Stop a War

(Perspectives from a Child)

Written as the cultural criticism of an unhappy citizen

When I envision progress, I imagine striving towards an end. I think of traveling down a road towards some distant utopia, where one's ultimate reality will be encompassed within a present moment to be conditioned on the premise of action in the past. In this respect, wherever murder, imprisonment, theft, pain, and death exist, the goal of progress will remain ever further from us. Freedom from oppression and violence will forever stay within the context of "the future" for as long as war exists "now."

At the time this post is distributed worldwide, a sentenced Reverend (and Vietnam veteran) will have already been imprisoned, possibly for the rest of his life. His crime: providing medicine to a congregation of patients in desperate need. The following passage will attempt to rally enough support to pardon this man, while ideally creating a system of thought aimed at preventing the obliteration of man’s environment, and so, his Self…

Marijuana. That utterly feared word. Conjuring up images of licentiousness, promiscuity, lethargic dissent, and reckless abandon. Never mind the hypocrisy of an imposed authority employing millions to wipe out alternative power structures, conquering and displacing countless natives, and justifying the suppression of civil rights for everyone but a selected elite. Never mind that man’s law directly contradicts even God’s own words, “behold, I have given you EVERY herb yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree, that it may be your food.” (Genesis 1:29) Never mind that another plant, tobacco, is harvested and cultivated to the detriment of so many, all in the name of profit. And never mind the exorbitant amount of human resources allocated to destroy the livelihoods of others, at the expense of unwilling participants.

For everyone not in line with the legitimized principles of the established community is considered an “other,” and those who oppose our laws, thereby terrorizing our way of life, must be dealt with swiftly, and strictly. Right?

Perhaps not. Those members of a governing body, sustaining the comparative advantage and privilege they receive, have historically been opposed to that which is different from what they have been conditioned to know. The Ecofeminist (aaahh!!!) philosopher Karen Warren describes the resulting oppression beautifully: “[It] consists in institutional structures, strategies, and processes whereby some groups (Downs) are limited, inhibited, coerced, or prevented from mobilizing resources for self-determined goals by limiting their choices and options. Oppressive institutions use various tools of subjugation to reinforce the power and privilege of Ups in oppressive systems and to enforce the subordination or domination of Downs.”

Yet as time progresses, change comes with it. Just as laws that once concerned marriages between “different” races were called into question, laws involving plants are being readdressed today as well: if one is drawn naturally to a calling, and some ulterior force presents itself— separating and dismantling the potential for this divine relationship— then that force must be eliminated, else despair ensue. Empirical evidence (deemed truth by oh so many) would confer that the racism, oppression, and natural domination that the hegemonic leaders of the “free world” propagate is in fact creating the fundamental separation between man and his environment that has spiraled into the catastrophe we see before us.

In retrospect, and with all the education and knowledge that has been afforded to us, I believe it can be stated as truth that we are still not free. We are still not free to grow our own plants. We are still not free to grow our own food. We are still not free to provide ourselves with our own medicine. We are still not free to practice our own religions.

Furthermore we are still not able to marry those we want to marry. We are still not allowed to go where we want to go. We are still not allowed to live our lives in those ways we would like to. Still, the question remains: why the hell not?

The law.

A series of written marks that assumes how we ought and ought not to live. Our communities are governed by these words, guided by the legislation that harnesses the collective potential of our world to move individuals to action, as if by magic.

If we are trying to instill the idea within our culture that we must live in harmony with the natural world to survive (as this environmental crisis has no doubt helped us to realize), then we must embrace this notion in its entirety, decriminalizing the utilization of all plants on earth. Hemp cultivation can alleviate energy, health, clothing, and food concerns across the planet to decrease violence, economic inefficiency, and environmental degradation. We must not see these plants as commodities to be made illicit, or we return to those “conquering” individuals who see the earth as apart from their selves.

If land is indeed a fountain of energy, then to make illegal those plants that grow on that land is truly a mistaken response in reaching a sense of unity with the natural world. The upward flow of energy is hindered by the “federal” ban on marijuana, affecting the lives of those engaged with these plants, their families, and the society they are absorbed within. If we choose not to acknowledge a system or plant or animal or person for what it is—a unique and acceptable part of the environment—then we doom ourselves to an irreparable separation that may prove to be too challenging to fix.

So then, how does one stop a war?

DO SOMETHING ELSE. Don’t abide by a law that an authority imparts to you. I think it is fair to say that blind obedience to “the law” is catastrophic, as illustrated by the Nazi regime. Similarly, raids and “drug busts” have seen a massive swell to over tens of thousands each year now, often times harming the most innocent bystanders in the process.

How can we combat these atrocities?

Break “the law.” Or better yet, ignore “the law” completely. Create your own “law.” Create your own institutions. The internal state of a human mind, linked to the internal state of another human mind (through the internet?), and properly defended from the most vicious weaponry available will initiate a new reality to live within in peace.

Rev. Eddie Lepp pled for his life in a Federal court earlier this year, arguing that his chosen profession was critical for the survival of those most dear to him. The judge's response: "Maybe you want to be a martyr for the cause."

Anyone who gives a fuck about that ridiculous, abstract, human construction called “liberty” should shudder to hear this cold, callous, judgment of another human being.

Perhaps a president elected on a platform of comprehensive drug reform should be made to pardon this religious leader. Perhaps an indignant public should take a good hard look about the reality they face and decide whether the time for hoping is over.

Though an obvious criticism to the above selection should be that “what is good for one perhaps is not good for another,” a more basic truth might establish itself: “whatever is done IS good, BECAUSE it exists.” Because without a thesis there is no antithesis and therefore no potential for synthesis; because without war there is no striving for peace and no celebration when it comes; because without a Christ there is no Antichrist and no revelation of Apocalypse to look forward to.








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Power cannot be given. Power must be seized. Love cannot be seized. Love must be given.
Copionics- need-based economy (see Dr. Arthur Shaw).
VS. :
Malnuitrition, starvation, disease, homeliessness, despair are all preventable if we do the mathematics so that all are provided their basic needs by birthright rather than by luck of winning the lottery. Yet the aim of Fascisms' capitalist economics of scarcity was designed precisely for a reason; genocide of their undesired races and groups and desperation among their working class citizens. Desperation makes more maleable people.

"You'll work hard with a gun in your back for a bowl of rice a day or starve and end up with your head skewered on a steak."

Fascism = Holiday in Cambodia

Scarcity economics (Bob Debolt). Abundance is our potential. There is enough to provide everyones needs. Scarcity is a lie./ P. 23

From photo "fight till death"
Photo-Kevin Carter (assasinated later)

He later confided to friends that he wished he had intervened. Journalists at the time were warned never to touch famine victims for fear of disease. This criticism and the death of a close friend in township violence may have contributed to Carter's suicide at the age of 33. His suicide note read:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

:I am haunted siclathe vivid memories of killings & corpses & anger & pain... of starving or wounded children, of trigger-happy madmen... The pain of life overrides the joy to the point that joy does not exist.

See => Biological Energy Resources 1979 by Malcolm Slesser and Chris Lewis.

(Petroleum is limited- able to be privately owned and sold and therefore makes the perfect energy source for a rackett (araquet). The oil cartel lies to maintain a monopoly. Solar Power harvest is limitless. Only limit- water.

"They're stealing our power!" (by hiding the truth)


How to Take Over the World

Global domination has been a worthy goal throughout the history of mankind. A few noteworthy historical figures have tried but no one has managed to rule the entire world. The technological advances in communications and travel once again bring the thoughts of ruling the world to power-hungry despots everywhere. Remember to watch your competition because everybody wants to rule the world

Difficulty: Challenging
  1. Step 1

    Gain control of your own country. Anoint yourself ruler and immediately take command of all military resources. Use the military to commandeer all of the country's financial resources. Be somewhat benevolent or you may find yourself shot in your sleep.

  2. Step 2

    Form friendly allegiances with as many countries as possible. Infiltrate their social and economic infrastructure until you dominate their culture and economic productivity. World domination is best achieved quietly. Use military action only to free oppressed people from oppressive dictators. They'll barely notice when you become their new dictator.

  3. Step 3

    Build military bases in allied foreign countries. Offer military protection to all countries in need. Create joint military task forces with foreign powers but ensure that only your generals have the power to make any decisions.

  4. Step 4

    Infiltrate unfriendly countries with persuasive individuals, a.k.a. spies, that advance your culture. Build discontent with the status quo while developing an armed rebel alliance. Convince the rebel alliance to topple their government for you, offer financial and military assistance to the new leadership.

  5. Step 5

    Keep the excesses and bad habits of your family members out of the public arena. Live reasonably and express concern over the environment, poverty and freedom. Be seen as a ruler who merely wants to make the world a better place, not a despot with the goal of world domination. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

  6. Step 6

    Exert global domination publicly only if absolutely necessary. Rule the world privately but completely. Squash those who oppose you by discrediting them. Allow students to challenge authority but corrupt the best by giving them high-paying jobs and a pleasant lifestyle. Acknowledge condescendingly, that youth is merely a time of rebellion.

  7. Step 7

    Rule the world. Revel in your success at world domination. Play life and death games with your friends, family and perfect strangers. Die knowing that your name is engraved on public buildings. Well, at least until the next evil genius figures out how to rule the world.


combat blasts

Much of the invisible blast waves from roadside bombs, grenades, and other high impact events have been found to cause concussive brain trauma [without skull fracture] that may result in amnesia, depression, loss of balance, and early onset dementia. Subsequently, an estimated 320,000 soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan have experienced some form of traumatic brain injury during their service. (1) These injuries are so worrisome because of the lack of clear physical impact: extreme air pressure will often create sudden pressure variations to the brain tissue, possibly leading to the development of toxic protein deposits and neurofibrillary tangles in the brain. This disease is not uncommon in veteran football players and boxers with links to cognitive decline, though unfortunately, these tangles, which are identical in persons with Alzheimer’s, can only be detected through a post-mortem autopsy and cannot be verified until doctors have access to the brain.

Though many of the effects of blast injuries are still unknown, research is underway to find out exactly what the long-term conclusions can lead to. Soldiers deployed to battlefields are being issued sensors attached to their helmets that capture data generated by an actual explosive event and the acceleration or jolt the soldier is subjected to. (2) These findings are expected to help the Army improve helmet designs and other protective gear, as well as to use impact data to treat traumatic brain injuries. Yet while the increase in effective body armor has substantially decreased fatalities, lower mortality rates have accompanied an unprecedented rise in brain damage, and many are calling for a complete overhaul in the design of improved capable equipment and efficient strategies for diagnoses.

In fact, both the Boston University Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy and the Sports Legacy Institute are conducting studies that compare the brains of military personnel and athletes, signing up more than one hundred volunteer brain donors, and paying for the registry, storage, and examination of brain tissue with virtually no funds from the military. Moreover, non-profit organizations like “Operation-Helmet,” based in Montgomery, Texas, have raised enough contributions to send almost 45,000 helmet upgrades to soldiers in combat overseas. (3)

The debilitating, costly, and long-lasting repercussions of blast waves on the brain are both real and dangerous, and have wide implications for civilians as well. With the increase of terrorist and guerrilla combat techniques, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) are becoming prevalent on battlefields, leading to the occurrence of far more cases of traumatic brain damage. An effective alternative to the slaughter of human bystanders is the thousands of military robots that have been deployed to substitute for the men and women of the armed forces. One of these bots, the Multi-function Agile Remote Controlled Robot (MARCbot), allows soldiers to avoid personal risk and physical harm while observing, detecting, identifying, and neutralizing possible threats. What’s more, the U.S. Army has actually awarded Massachusetts-based iRobot Corp an indefinite delivery/quantity contract for IED threat disposal technologies, with the hopes to reduce as many casualties and cases as possible. (4)

1) Schwarz, Alan “A Chance for Clues to Brain Injury in Combat Blasts” New York Times. June 22, 2009. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/06/23/health/23brai.html?pagewanted=1&_r=1&ref=research
2) Miles, Donna “New Helmet Sensors to Measure Blast Impact.” DefenseLink. January 7, 2008 http://www.defenselink.mil/news/newsarticle.aspx?id=48590
3) Operation-Helmet “Our Warriors Ask for your Help” http://www.operation-helmet.org/
4) Security Industry “Army orders more robots for IED disposal” United Press International. February 3, 2009 http://www.upi.com/Security_Industry/2009/02/03/Army-orders-more-robots-for-IED-disposal/UPI-45531233679462/


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someone better than me

life is a dream.
created from our minds, we live not knowing what is real, or
what is just an illusion born from our thoughts
we live in ignorance.
we see only what we want to see, and do what we want to do
what is reality?
is it your parent's words given to you to follow?
can you describe it?
do you have to just feel it flow through your mind
Challenge this deep somber our minds have settled into
do not let your mind fall dead with the harsh words of society.
rise above the media
The Satori, Buddhist flash of enlightenment will then fill you
it comes to you.
the last piece of the puzzle--the truth
The inevitable occurs
why live if there are no more secrets?
this dream has ended its path, and you have awakened for the first time


Fixing Everything That Matters to "grown-ups"

  “…and a little child shall lead them [Isa. 11:6]”


The world is undoubtedly made up of painful contradictions and conflictions. Even so, our society still encourages boys and girls to grow up, make love, and bring more children into this world to flourish. Perhaps this is a testament to our ever-present self-absorption and desire for part of ourselves to live forever. Whatever the reason, these most innocent and vulnerable individuals have so often acted as the saving grace of our communities, learning the necessary truths and fusing them together to overcome the various injustices of the global system they inherit. In so doing, power will often shift towards a new locus and subsequently, a new king.


Money, statehood, time…systems uniformly suffer from one inherent failing: all are subject to control. Those members of a population absorbed and naturalized by the social structure they are born into are thus transformed into slaves, whose labor has been appropriated by whatever hierarchy it is that claims them. Debt is perhaps the best display of this absurdity, demanding one pay now for previous services rendered, for a period extending to some later date. Everything one does then feeds the resulting and growing abstraction until it is dismantled or disrupted.

Why there is absolutely no way I will ever swear allegiance to the Chinese  

If I am told that “my country” is fighting a war that costs billions of dollars while murdering and exterminating people, and now I am obligated to repay the enabling country whose government promotes the oppression, silencing, and torture of its own citizens (not to mention the citizens of another country who demand self-determination), then where do I go to explain that my labor shall no longer be coerced to further the agendas of corrupted politicians? If the government I abide by is subjected to a state that destroys and ignores all that I hold dear (check the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments), then every conceivably relevant form of justice has been stripped of its meaning and power, leaving me virtually defenseless against whatever atrocity is inflicted upon me.

Why black people are still slaves (and may always be…)

To be uprooted from “home” and dumped into an exercise in social relations based initially upon monarchical subjugation, with legislation and weapons preventing my dissent, is indeed a pitiful fate. How can one even conceive of such animosity engineered, let alone escape it? When every superior form of dance, music, strength, and individual creativity has been hijacked to profit its owners—the CEOs and directors of record labels, sports teams, and prison systems—a black president of a white institution can do little but lead us that much further into slavery, albeit with a smile on our faces.  

Ethics for Intellectuals

We must not criticize existence, but embrace and concoct an alternative one. Just as Sitting Bull convened the leaders of so many Indian tribes into one powwow when “settlers” in a Gold-fever frenzy threatened their lands, the most enlightened minds must again come together to determine the future. Moreover, these men, women, but especially children have a duty to not only demand change, but enact it themselves, at great peril to their own lives. Otherwise, and without real, concrete opposition to a malevolent entity, theories and suggestions will bounce off the dreaded social machine without any lasting consequences.

Rough draft of a Palestinian state / The New Israel

If we can ever agree that colonization, in any form, is a limit to human potential, then perhaps we can see the futility of any state attempting to call itself a paradise. A land without boundaries, without borders, without oppression, and without pain must surely be worth fighting for, regardless of whether partition plans have already been constructed by global authorities; and with “something better” in our mind’s eye, there can never truly be rest. It is this instinct that we must foster in our children, as it is they who understand best the naiveté it takes to act against an abusive force.

Jesus would be bored by now

Jesus, that “flesh” in which “THE WORD” made itself known, came to a world that had no tolerance or sympathy for a utopian conception of society. Yet when logic itself returns to our minds, coming again to reveal and portray history as the path towards its own recreation (or resurrection)—to aid our self-governance in a declaration of interdependence and free us from those oppressive and exploitive forces—shall we defend that logic with our hearts, minds, and lives…or let it, once again, fend for itself?

Everything I learned at University


Starting a Business in Tough Times…

1.    Monopolize Public Attention: When people are paying attention to you and your product, they are not paying attention to other people and their products. This eliminates your competition.


2.    Charge Money for Public Acknowledgement: After people acknowledge your product’s existence, initial revenue is required to secure your legitimacy in the social sphere.  If someone is giving you money, you are providing a necessary or desirable service to your community, sustaining your acceptability by the general public (this includes pornography and contractual murder).


3.    Regulate and Control Time:  In providing a commodity, the social system will expand to accommodate your newly distributed contribution. People will alter their routes to acquire your product, shifting their lives to restructure the enveloping social milieu. While people spend their time reacting to your impact on their circumstances, their motions are governed by your policies. Your manipulation of “the system” is then mitigated by the influence of your product.


4.    Live off of Other People’s Movements: When business becomes large enough in that society’s every movement will provide you with an increasing income, sit back and watch the public hand you its wealth. This is distinct from slavery in that people choose your institution to abide by.


5.    Remember: Actions repeated over and over will establish a system, with a population’s allurement towards social processes resting in security: death, suffering, and boredom should be absent from your established institution, or revolution—that is, the denial of a law prohibiting new motion—will undoubtedly occur.


“Free Time,” that life enjoyed outside of systematized movement, must never be appropriated or trespassed upon, for fear of retaliation by the public.


Over The Stars

Morgan wished she could run somewhere, anywhere. It was so lovely out, such a beautiful night, but somehow, it had made her cry. Only minutes before drowning in her nightmare, she had felt so free, wanting only to drive away from the diseased reality she had once called her own, to keep going, never stopping for anything. Her soul had felt so sick, and she only wanted to lose herself above the clouds, over the stars, in the company of her friends. To rid herself of an existence she hated, loathed. Once a skilled musician, lately all of the chords that poured down on her seemed broken and weary. The notes held their own songs of depression and anger. Recently, comfort came only with the absence of sound, joy coming only in dreams and pleas of new chances and hopes. But Morgan didn’t dream very often now, and when she did, they seemed splintered and damaged. Though she had promised herself that she would not feel this way forever, it was hard to wake up to face the cruel sun each new day.

Now, intoxication brimmed in Morgan’s eyes and tears fell down her cheeks. She looked over her shoulder at the torn metal. Oh god, she hoped she didn’t vomit. The nausea had been building ever since she realized the dream she found herself in wouldn’t end, and the cold air that cut through her thin sweater only increased her headache. The moonlight illuminated the red river of shattered glass and seemed to sink into the broken concrete. She gazed over at her friends. Jamie’s heartbreakingly wide eyes that once looked so beautiful now answered tragedy and hopelessness. The screaming red sirens lit up the bloody skies, and rained down pain upon her face and the scene around them.

Morgan shifted her eyes to Kevin. As her eyes caught hold of his broken face and the crimson halo surrounding it, she felt the cool sting of metal bracelets smother and drown the contentment she had so recently found above the clouds. A sob escaped her lips, a soft cry of failed dreams, stained with the blood of fallen friends. The sad song echoed in the dying twilight, and fell to rest among the distorted images and dark bruises of pain, somewhere over the stars.