antichristian faith

Antichristian Faith

If I was to declare myself as the messiah or the antichrist, manifested as the physical incarnation of god, I would probably be rejected and ridiculed. I would be laughed at and scorned, declared a heretic, and if not protected by the basic human rights afforded to me, I would probably be put to death as a criminal. And all this would happen before anyone even took the time to understand who I was.

Though I am perhaps delusional, my entire existence supports this claim, as everything I have learned and been exposed to in this reality has created this concept in my head. Either way, the claim to be the antichrist would exist, whether you know who I am or not, whether you understand why I claim this or not. The point I am making is that the consciousness that exists in my mind is directly born out of my experience with this universe. It is simply a matter of whether you have faith in me or not.

What an individual perceives to be “true” is precisely the process by which objective reality changes into subjective reality. The mind filters the transformation but retains the kernel of truth that everything was predicated on.

"I am the antichrist, the reincarnation of Anu who settled on this earth to create the race of slaves called man. I have been reborn into this body to have the experiences and knowledge that could have only been attained through the course of events I set in motion from the earliest days. Whether you believe this or not is your choice, but the truth remains. If I have achieved my objective by that time, we will survive. If not, we won’t."

As synthetically a priori knowledge is created through the devlopment of history, there becomes finally an antithesis to the problems of the world (which is the thesis or manifestation of all the words that has up until now dictated the course of human events- laws, governments, rules, beliefs, etc…). I am fully aware that I am the manifestation of that antithesis.

Because the universe is an organism and the human collective consciousness is a reflection of that organism, I consider my individual consciousness to be the germ that will spread across the planet to unite us as a human species, so that we can look outward from this planet to the solar system, galaxy, and then the universe. Because we cannot survive as a social species if we continue down the path we are going. This is a bold claim and fears of egomania should come to mind.

Hopefully my point is clear- the only difference between “faith” and “understanding” (whether it concerns a claim to be the antichrist or the belief in real magic) is “knowledge.” But they are both encompassed within the human interpretation of an objective reality. Understanding is human subjectivity projected onto an objective world, manifesting itself through the human activity that dictates the course of events.


WHEREAS, we, intending to establish and maintain a place for the worship of Almighty God, our Heavenly Father, do hereby recognize this church as an indispensable part of God’s Church universal.

FOR THESE PURPOSES, we do hereby adopt this Church Constitution of the CHURCH OF THE MORNING STAR and submit ourselves to be governed by it. However, while maintaining its inherent right to sovereignty in the conduct of its own affairs, this church shall seek to maintain voluntarily cooperative fellowship with other Christian churches, fellowships, ministries, and groups that are deemed benevolent and mutually beneficial to the vision and purposes of this church.

Article 4.3. The Lord Jesus Christ:
We acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord over all things in Heaven, and in Earth, and under the Earth, and as the Savior of our lives and souls. He will return to the Earth in His heavenly glory to gather His redeemed to Himself and to reign with His saints for a thousand years and for the final judgment. The final result of salvation is that the spirit of the believer who dies in Christ immediately goes to be with the Lord for eternity.

Article 4.14. The Millennial Reign of Christ. The second coming of Christ includes the rapture of the saints, followed by the visible return of Christ with His saints to reign on the earth for one thousand years. This millennial reign will bring the salvation of Israel and the establishment of universal peace
Article 4.15. The New Heaven and the New Earth. We look for and expect a new heaven and a new earth, the home of righteousness

Article 5.5. Divine Healing.

No member or leader of this church shall represent medical advice and/or treatment as a lack of faith in God’s healing power
Article 6.3. No Outside Ordination. No one may be recognized as an ordained ministry leader in this church whose ordination was not acknowledged, witnessed and confirmed in this church. A ministry leader’s prior ordination that was granted outside of this church must be subsequently acknowledged, witnessed and confirmed by the Bishop to be effective for ordained ministry leadership in this church
Article 7.2. Bishop. This church has been entrusted by God to the leadership of its Bishop who has been given a vision of ministry by God and was called to lead this church and all of its ordained ministry leaders under the divine guidance and direction of God the Father, Jesus Christ His one and only Son, the Holy Spirit, and the Word of God. As God’s anointed religious and ministry leader of this church, the Bishop is hereby acknowledged, witnessed and confirmed as ordained in accordance with the conditions and standards of this constitution. In the ecclesiastical governance of this church the Bishop is primarily accountable in all things to God.
Article 7.6. The Corporation. This church recognizes the fact that two distinct personalities—the church of God established by authority of the Holy Scriptures of the Bible, and the religious corporation established under state authority—co-exist to carry out mutually beneficial purposes. We acknowledge and confirm that the church is superior and primary in all things, and is above the corporation for all purposes. We hold and acknowledge that the role of a church corporation is to give the church an opportunity to more seamlessly participate in modern society by creating a legal firewall of limited liability protection, and functioning as a “person” in its own right, with all the rights, privileges, advantages, opportunities, duties and responsibilities available to any “person” in society. We specifically reject the notion that by incorporating under state law, that any of this church’s religious or ecclesiastical rights, privileges, or functions are subject to state oversight or regulation. Because the church is superior to the corporation, the corporate affairs of this church shall be managed in the same way as its religious affairs; that is, guided by the Holy Scriptures of the Bible with Jesus Christ as its head and through the work, power and guidance of the Holy Spirit of God. As such, the conduct of the corporation shall be a matter of religious importance and ecclesiastical governance in this church.

Article 8.13. Religious Instruction of the Young. Oversee and direct all the programming, curriculum, instruction and activities for the religious instruction of this church’s children and youth, whether through Sunday school, mid-week school, and youth ministry programs, or otherwise;

Article II
This Corporation is a religious corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the Nonprofit Religious Corporation Law exclusively for religious purposes.

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