Fixing Everything That Matters to "grown-ups"

  “…and a little child shall lead them [Isa. 11:6]”


The world is undoubtedly made up of painful contradictions and conflictions. Even so, our society still encourages boys and girls to grow up, make love, and bring more children into this world to flourish. Perhaps this is a testament to our ever-present self-absorption and desire for part of ourselves to live forever. Whatever the reason, these most innocent and vulnerable individuals have so often acted as the saving grace of our communities, learning the necessary truths and fusing them together to overcome the various injustices of the global system they inherit. In so doing, power will often shift towards a new locus and subsequently, a new king.


Money, statehood, time…systems uniformly suffer from one inherent failing: all are subject to control. Those members of a population absorbed and naturalized by the social structure they are born into are thus transformed into slaves, whose labor has been appropriated by whatever hierarchy it is that claims them. Debt is perhaps the best display of this absurdity, demanding one pay now for previous services rendered, for a period extending to some later date. Everything one does then feeds the resulting and growing abstraction until it is dismantled or disrupted.

Why there is absolutely no way I will ever swear allegiance to the Chinese  

If I am told that “my country” is fighting a war that costs billions of dollars while murdering and exterminating people, and now I am obligated to repay the enabling country whose government promotes the oppression, silencing, and torture of its own citizens (not to mention the citizens of another country who demand self-determination), then where do I go to explain that my labor shall no longer be coerced to further the agendas of corrupted politicians? If the government I abide by is subjected to a state that destroys and ignores all that I hold dear (check the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments), then every conceivably relevant form of justice has been stripped of its meaning and power, leaving me virtually defenseless against whatever atrocity is inflicted upon me.

Why black people are still slaves (and may always be…)

To be uprooted from “home” and dumped into an exercise in social relations based initially upon monarchical subjugation, with legislation and weapons preventing my dissent, is indeed a pitiful fate. How can one even conceive of such animosity engineered, let alone escape it? When every superior form of dance, music, strength, and individual creativity has been hijacked to profit its owners—the CEOs and directors of record labels, sports teams, and prison systems—a black president of a white institution can do little but lead us that much further into slavery, albeit with a smile on our faces.  

Ethics for Intellectuals

We must not criticize existence, but embrace and concoct an alternative one. Just as Sitting Bull convened the leaders of so many Indian tribes into one powwow when “settlers” in a Gold-fever frenzy threatened their lands, the most enlightened minds must again come together to determine the future. Moreover, these men, women, but especially children have a duty to not only demand change, but enact it themselves, at great peril to their own lives. Otherwise, and without real, concrete opposition to a malevolent entity, theories and suggestions will bounce off the dreaded social machine without any lasting consequences.

Rough draft of a Palestinian state / The New Israel

If we can ever agree that colonization, in any form, is a limit to human potential, then perhaps we can see the futility of any state attempting to call itself a paradise. A land without boundaries, without borders, without oppression, and without pain must surely be worth fighting for, regardless of whether partition plans have already been constructed by global authorities; and with “something better” in our mind’s eye, there can never truly be rest. It is this instinct that we must foster in our children, as it is they who understand best the naiveté it takes to act against an abusive force.

Jesus would be bored by now

Jesus, that “flesh” in which “THE WORD” made itself known, came to a world that had no tolerance or sympathy for a utopian conception of society. Yet when logic itself returns to our minds, coming again to reveal and portray history as the path towards its own recreation (or resurrection)—to aid our self-governance in a declaration of interdependence and free us from those oppressive and exploitive forces—shall we defend that logic with our hearts, minds, and lives…or let it, once again, fend for itself?

Everything I learned at University


Starting a Business in Tough Times…

1.    Monopolize Public Attention: When people are paying attention to you and your product, they are not paying attention to other people and their products. This eliminates your competition.


2.    Charge Money for Public Acknowledgement: After people acknowledge your product’s existence, initial revenue is required to secure your legitimacy in the social sphere.  If someone is giving you money, you are providing a necessary or desirable service to your community, sustaining your acceptability by the general public (this includes pornography and contractual murder).


3.    Regulate and Control Time:  In providing a commodity, the social system will expand to accommodate your newly distributed contribution. People will alter their routes to acquire your product, shifting their lives to restructure the enveloping social milieu. While people spend their time reacting to your impact on their circumstances, their motions are governed by your policies. Your manipulation of “the system” is then mitigated by the influence of your product.


4.    Live off of Other People’s Movements: When business becomes large enough in that society’s every movement will provide you with an increasing income, sit back and watch the public hand you its wealth. This is distinct from slavery in that people choose your institution to abide by.


5.    Remember: Actions repeated over and over will establish a system, with a population’s allurement towards social processes resting in security: death, suffering, and boredom should be absent from your established institution, or revolution—that is, the denial of a law prohibiting new motion—will undoubtedly occur.


“Free Time,” that life enjoyed outside of systematized movement, must never be appropriated or trespassed upon, for fear of retaliation by the public.

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