Over The Stars

Morgan wished she could run somewhere, anywhere. It was so lovely out, such a beautiful night, but somehow, it had made her cry. Only minutes before drowning in her nightmare, she had felt so free, wanting only to drive away from the diseased reality she had once called her own, to keep going, never stopping for anything. Her soul had felt so sick, and she only wanted to lose herself above the clouds, over the stars, in the company of her friends. To rid herself of an existence she hated, loathed. Once a skilled musician, lately all of the chords that poured down on her seemed broken and weary. The notes held their own songs of depression and anger. Recently, comfort came only with the absence of sound, joy coming only in dreams and pleas of new chances and hopes. But Morgan didn’t dream very often now, and when she did, they seemed splintered and damaged. Though she had promised herself that she would not feel this way forever, it was hard to wake up to face the cruel sun each new day.

Now, intoxication brimmed in Morgan’s eyes and tears fell down her cheeks. She looked over her shoulder at the torn metal. Oh god, she hoped she didn’t vomit. The nausea had been building ever since she realized the dream she found herself in wouldn’t end, and the cold air that cut through her thin sweater only increased her headache. The moonlight illuminated the red river of shattered glass and seemed to sink into the broken concrete. She gazed over at her friends. Jamie’s heartbreakingly wide eyes that once looked so beautiful now answered tragedy and hopelessness. The screaming red sirens lit up the bloody skies, and rained down pain upon her face and the scene around them.

Morgan shifted her eyes to Kevin. As her eyes caught hold of his broken face and the crimson halo surrounding it, she felt the cool sting of metal bracelets smother and drown the contentment she had so recently found above the clouds. A sob escaped her lips, a soft cry of failed dreams, stained with the blood of fallen friends. The sad song echoed in the dying twilight, and fell to rest among the distorted images and dark bruises of pain, somewhere over the stars.

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