Contradictions and Paradoxes

That relativity and quanta are both true but mutually exclusive?? You can use either equation to prove whatever you want! Statistics mean whatever you want them too. Using economic equations to change government, you now can influence entire portions of society: culture, environment, even religion! And what gives you access to education?? Money! Now, everyone is going into debt to learn equations so they can use and control them. People are then getting out of college and looking for a way to get a shit-ton of money. Why is this happening? Because money lets you play. And this is doing crazy fucking things to the economy, the orchestrated coordination of TRADE. Like when people said, ill give you my shell necklace for your purple cloth. Or that weird plant for my daughters hand in marriage. And because we are always trading with the OTHER, we think this transaction won’t affect “us” besides giving “me” what I want. And so we CAPITILIZE on the gain, meaning we get the best deal, regardless of the other person. This is uncontrollable, and will possibly destroy the earth’s resources since everyone wants “more”. So, make only the most abundant resources free. LIKE EDUCATION. That way, we can learn the equations to change the world. But, along with knowledge of equations, we have to foster some sort of love of one another, so people can use their powers for good. This is where morality, which is the foundation for religions, molds children into the emotional, caring, empathetic, aware persons that s/he needs to be.

Do you realize why we are prosperous? It’s because we have a shit ton of people. And because each one of them needs to “work” in order to get money to survive, everyone is laboring together, in whatever way they choose to. Everyone is sucked into one big lottery, based on mathematical equations that form logic. But we deny people education so they don’t understand these equations. And we live off of their movements and get money and do “mental labor” like managing the team of livestock. And we all get paid, but the top people at a disproportionate rate. Because money is quantifiable. And we can’t ever get more than we pay for, because society is capitalizing on us. And wants to get the best deal. And will never go into debt to provide for me. instead the individual goes into debt for society. And that’s how “society” and the market grows. Growing and growing and absorbing everything. Music, sports, everything is now equalized through money. And a tree is now property, and can be cut down and sold for parts. And wildlife can be raised and killed and sold for its parts. And people go to war with each other for money, and land that can be turned into money to pay for the needs of people who understand equations. But we will never reach our potential until we throw off the burdens of living by our equations. Because, the most crucial equations ever studied are mutually exclusive and factually correct. And this means anything is possible. Until we embrace these truths, no one will be free-their actions will be based only on rules.


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