Battles for the World's Trade

Things to think about during a Mass Protest.

1. you are preventing other peoples freedom. they will not like you.

2. when one person does something to another, two people do something to that person.

3. start smashing shit if you can't get your way.

4. do a what would you do

5. burn money

6. be willing to die

7. what happens when guns come out?

8. bring your own.

9. are you willing to kill?

10. get in line with nature.

As unprovoked attacks on spoken truth harmonize with law, we all must move to where we need to go. "What is your mission? To protect freedom or prevent it?" Stick to those on your side, don't let people stop you. Don't let others stop those with you.

Who the fuck is in charge? Don't just shout "shame." Protest. Move where you want. Make signs. Make statements. Get the working class: productive people are listened to. Politics, legislature. Make sense. Start saying stuff. Defend your actions. Inject community organization with culture. Who has a purpose?

Speak Truth. Explain what is not good. Money changing hands. Re-educate. Start getting arrested-its all part of the struggle. VOLUNTEER. Believe in what you say. Its always for the kids. Talk to the other side. What is your business?

This is another generation not aware of what you know. What is the problem?

The WTO ought to have a human face, with the most prepared number of Trade Ministers in history. Brave men and women in every continent endorsed by their sacrifices. The now universal values of freedom. Nelson Mandela's smile ignited and lifted the spirits of men and women everywhere. Trade in itself is not enough. Members pay up to nine times more in debt repayment than on public health. Sell what they create. Live on under $2 per day. Dismantle barriers. Increase world economic output.

A $1.2 trillion boost to the world economy and the poorest nations would gain the most.

Technology and science can improve the condition. A year's wages on the internet for free. The best the world has to offer. There are so many in this conference who also marched, protested, went to prison, fought, suffered. Let change exist.

Do we capitalize off of others? We march together. Freedom is absolute. Buildings don't talk back. Exchange flags. Disgust for admiration. Release your rage into the system. Now amplify it.

We are going to go to war. For your safety, all those opposed to injury please leave now. Negotiations don't mean shit. Talk is cheap. Lies are at the door. Communicate. Police are coming from behind we need to make decisions. We're tired. We are sustainable. We are successful. Move forward.

Dance. Sing. Play music. Be who you are. Plant culture. Offend. Be free.
Figure out differences. You are not my government. I am my government. Awaken. We live through the stories we create. Teleport to another dimension.

We do not have the full story of who we are. We are searching for answers. We are searching for logic. Knowledge is trying to take its place in our mind.

Consciousness against subconsciousness. Is destiny a birthright or an achievement?

Love conceives of our logic. It is technology. We are without sin. Choose what is right. Find what is good. Give up your authorities. Let truth guide you.

Are you ruled by time? We create content to destroy death. Release the captives. Who are our Gods? There is only the supreme. We act for it. Those who hide wisdom are no longer fit to lead. Speak the spells that free us.

There are things wrong. Profit at the expense of people will not be tolerated. We take exception with your actions. We are converging. We are uniting. We are dying together.

!@#$%^&*()_+":?><,./`~=- who is the terrorist?

anonymity is the essence of power and fear

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