conscious evolution (a would be transcript)

We need a way to map, track, and connect the things that are working in a time of mutually assured destruction, where many are afraid of nuclear HOLOCAUST. There are population problems, growth problems... we find ourselves hitting a limit. Club of Rome

The Capitalist system is based on infinite growth. The same year as the lunar landing, earth day is conceived. We are born as a universal species, technology, militarism...

With minerals in space, we find unlimited new environment. We need to grow up and integrate self-social-technology. We need to figure out what's working--not to just kill people, but to notice all the problems.


Peace must be as advanced as war--> we will see it. We are right at the threshold. Mapping connectivity--> new news. The government can't do this alone--> we are sharing life purpose while creating new purpose.

We must enhance connectivity; creativity is the source of governing the government.

While the media hasn't caught up.. we must check internet people--

Executive order at the grassroots level. SIMPLE. Be receptive to change in individual-social- technological.


spiritual jumps--> greater consciousness--more complexity (hits a crisis, self destruction is possible, self = evolutionary awareness, we are expression of evolution process being conscious, motivation is impulses of evolution localized ____union oneness

The clarity of connection, framework is a tool to affirm connection, religions, traditions,

40,000 years ago self-reflected consciousness,

next stage of human evolution, ultra, noetic, gnostic, universal human

consciousness is evolutionary

eternally conscious of internally connected to eternal

cosmogenesis--in our parts are the story--supernova dust
atoms of jesus, carbon

embody that. consciousness--> tune into molecular biology, physics,

EVOLUTION OF SELF-expression of the one

encoded with creation, motivated to create

you were CALLED to do something

recognize self as larger of design.

surrender to process.

critical mass to be reached

civil rights, universal rights, human rights, women's rights

social-self evolving as evolutionary self becoming more conscious and creative, social evolution is facilitation of our reactivity finding its vocation and joining with others to create

if you are not dealing with bullshit, you create, find lifepurpose, chosen work--> society is finding ways to express unique creativity.

somewhere you are needed. state goals, needs, resources, in light of whole system,

news is co creation, hit something you can't sustain, signal of what can happen

United Nations University, NASA

no finances to create an organization

run for vice president--evolutionary perspective, displayed

pays off. social synergy . scientific--quantum disruptive--RAY CURZWELL?


biotech nanorobotics, 0 point energy, 20-50 years with spiritual , social, not just technology,-------social self, homouniversal--noosphere, capable to restore conditions

shift or die.

scenario--> doing business in a resource limited world--why dont you create task force into solving--> environmental social poverty earth based energy potential, 30 year scenario, you are smart enough to do this, we are more fragile than we look.

humanity ascending- completing visions of humanity

ECOLOGY--environment can go extinct fast

its okay to be violent, corrupt, prejudice, = spell
spell broken, planted seeds, great creating process, accident based on error,


call to conscious evolution
draft of declaration
dont know social synergy application yet
hasn't happened yet.
joy f supra sex

seuxal drive expanding into creative drive
turn on to greater creativity
cmpass of joy- tell your story
meant to express ourselves
vocational arousal
joining of genius
Pleasure in sexuality--> cocreative society
post menapausal--> regenerapause
create a world by joined creativity
old system can't do it

obama is propping up an old system until a new one emerges.
keep it from complete collapse until relocalization,

we've hit peak oil, theres no way to go back
need a social structure to empower cocreativity

don't look to others, look to ourselves and relationships

we need to stop convincing people to change. We need to create a power structure ourselves that will be able to do the tasks we need it to do. connect ourselves to education systems, job training, farming, etc...we need to stop all harmful practices. we need to subsidize peoples lives until their actions change for the better. we need to take care of ourselves.


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