networking holons

construct sentences that energize, educate, and entertain. then internalize...

all of our language is used to compartmentalize and determine existence/reality in the hopes to fuse together and develop portions for personal gain (as an alchemist would do), or manipulate experience to create a better place for the self to live within (as a strategist might do). Athiests often blind themselves to the synchronicity of the universe and the spirit that permeates it, while theists hierarchize themselves to keep everything equal to each other, UNDER god. The Generator, Operator, and Destroyer of that which exists exists with or without our acknowledgement. To say "I believe in god," would be as ludicrous as saying I believe in humanity. its irrelevant. it is a written symbol of experience that exists whether or not you recognize it. rather, it is about trust, and whether one has the will, the choice, and the foresight to trust in the truth of that symbol. eckharts quote demonstrates the inadequacy of language to describe something as unimaginable as this force that has created us. How can our minds (a part of a larger whole) even conceive of such a being. by definition we cannot contain the full thought process of all that it would encompass, and so, we can only ascribe letters to the abstraction we feel there to be. 

Yet what of those illogical elements that strike the individual? that in experiencing existence, one is exposed to signs or revelations of something else sustained only by a momentary glimpse? How can logic be what establishes the existence of God? Infinite regression is fine, but if we see our own infinite regression of the cells in our body, they are initiated by a sperm and egg from outside parties. Perhaps the big bang is just the fusion of two other universes, or outside parties entirely?


"awareness does not need the brain to exist" ---> so therefore, FOR the brain to exist implies that one's specific awareness is trapped/limited to the subjective ego's own experience? To transcend this own experience and thereby return to the completeness of the totality of awareness would require the dissolution of boundaries and barriers in 2 ways (at least): 1) death 2) communication. Thus god, that force which is omniscient, cannot be contained in the human mind as a symbol in its full state, nor can the omnipresence/ominpotence we associate with it (namely, the whole) be conceived of by any of its constituent part (us)

has consciousness benefitted homosapiens? we are systematically destroying our environment, enslaving and oppressing ourselves, and wiping out significant portions of our food sources. Just the fact that the introduction to fire led us to cook meat, and now we can no longer process raw meat as our digestive enzymes have been forever altered, should at least point to the absurdity in stating that consciousness is our greatest benefactor.

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