first attempt

In constructing the maps of the Kosmos we share, we delude ourselves in suggesting it is a feat to be accomplished, that the form of language itself could somehow include the infiniteness of existence; indeed, the relational ties between the limits of wording are simply inadequate to compensate for the inexorable progression of new stimuli. In this regard, we are surely fighting a losing battle when trying to determine how best to proceed in various courses of action.
And still we forge ahead. Perhaps it is an existential loneliness that motivates and drives our need to define the systems that absorb us as we steadily approach, with an unconscious recognition of immanent failure, the social-psychological collapse we seem destined for. But who cares? We are human. We recognize our imperfection and embrace ourselves as such. We pride ourselves in denoting ideas to envelope the potentiality for their selves, manifesting our own preconceptions in the world we recreate. And all the while these celebrations of human ingenuity serve only to blind us from the only universal truth that may exist:

We are all fucking stupid.

Surely it is this theory that is most evident based on those past actions directly consummating our current predicament. That it is in fact quite likely that we may actually exterminate ourselves in the rapid species loss we have helped to initiate by our denial of responsibility and ignorance is testament to the ironic nature of evolution itself. One could almost laugh the entire human story of progress off as a satirical farce, if not for the envisioned prophesies of grisly extinction waiting for us if something drastic is not done quickly to account for our collective idiocy. It is this sobering account that provides the framework for the call-to-arms permeating our social atmosphere today...

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