the impacting shift in consciousness on the development of new social systems

The Birth of Universal Consciousness

...This paper is going to demonstrate how knowledge is directly affected by the literature that informs it. Nature writing and adventure narratives all shaped and developed human activity by impacting how people perceived and interpreted that which they considered to be “reality.” Though in the past this literature has been historically confined to the privileged and wealthier classes as books cost money and education costs time and effort, with the birth of the Internet, cyberspace has become a dumping ground for new ideas and information to surface. With equal accessibility to anyone, the average knowledge of a globalized world would increase exponentially, providing humanity with the tools to know anything and everything at once, so long as it is put onto the Internet for all to see. This paper will talk about how this upward shift in knowledge will recognize that as the frontier of human potential/understanding has moved from the progress of American settlement to the brutal mountain climbing to the arctic north and onward, we have effectively covered every single place on earth. Space will become that new frontier, guided by the increased content on the Internet concerning UFOs and new galaxies, forcing humanity to look outward from their planet, rather than inward. This paper will discuss panoptical time and anachronistic space in regards to the universe, as well as a shift to organic practices in regards to human activities concerning specific lifestyles on earth. Furthermore, I plan to expose the U.S. military in their role to cover up and kill those who have tried to leak this information to do their duty to the American states and the world by making sure it was put onto the internet, so that we can all know whatever it is that is really going on. In a time when 98% of all mass media is virtually controlled by a wealthy elite who shape the consciousness that is provided for you, the internet ensures the public with a sense of total anonyminity and freedom that has never before been seen in this world.....

in the victorian era, as european explorers discovered for themselves the other peoples of the world, their foundational ideals/beliefs provided them with a superficial interpretation of the world, in which they themselves became "KINGS." They named what they considered to be vacant spaces after themselves, displacing the people who ACTUALLY lived there through their own written words. Because white explorers named these new places, for them it followed naturally that these places would become their property. Native people were disenfranchised from their own homes as European authorities adopted the understanding that the newfound lands of the world had become theirs to play with and develop as they saw fit. The idea that these primitive people were now enveloped into the much more"advanced" civilizations' historical perspective birthed two particular tropes in European thought as well as the knowledge it produced: anachronistic space and panoptical time.

white men in power looked at the world as a battlefied for acquiring new power- working class, women, and colonized people were all subject to the ensuing domination. Due to the newly emerging Enlightenment ideals in which people maintained that they had the most "sophisticated" way of lfe, European civilizaion viewed itself as furthest away from the reaches of a savage and animalistic state. The primitive people were considered to be closer to this animal state and so it became obvious to them that it would be their duty to "civilize" the other peoples of the world with their power. This shift in thinking that the Enlightenment produced for people transformed the religious authoritative understanding of reality into a more science based understanding, creating a new system in which the world found itself a part of.

When Charles Darwin wrote "The Origin of Species" in 1859, people realized that they wer not just immersed in a world subject to meaningless actions and reactions to those actions. They were in fact at the furtthest point in time within the system that encompassed them, making them the most developed beings in a universally connected time. Because they viewed themselves as superior to all other races, this way of thinking became evident in the research that supported their claims. Family Trees and "data" were compiled to promote the newly formed consciousness, leading in turn to a system of slavery-- a physical manifestation of the particular mental thought process of racial superiority.

Just as the view of panoptical time influenced social relations between classes, genders, and races, so too did it reconstitute the European public's regard for the natural world around them. A focus on chronicle (Religious) time shifted to chronological (Scientific) time, reproducing itself through their environmental literature. Just as people could see the hierarchical split of races in a scientific family tree to understand evolution, advancements in geology taught people that the passage time could be shown just as clearly through simply looking at a rock, recognizing "deep time" while "pondering their own mortality and contemplating the ineffavle age of the earth." (Great Stone Brook 47) People now saw themselves as almost insignificant parts of an even larger Natural System they would make up, leading to the evolution of a new planetary consciousness.

Panoptical time, "the image of global history consumed--at a glance-- in a single spectacle from a point of privileged invisibility," (MCClintock 37) has shown us thtat through the creation and dissemination of particular concepts--in one case a racially biased ideal proagated by its distribution into the imperial marketplace; on the other, an "enlightened" understanding of historical time-- humanity had shed an outdated mode of thinking for a new one. This shift in consciousness had led to the creation of new political, economic, and social systems (slavery), as well as the recognition of humanity's place in the larger Natural System of chronological time. And just as the "advanced" culture assumed its dominance over "primitive cultures" (by measuring their genitalia and other body parts) so too did the naturalists peek into the world's most virginal aspects, previously unrealized...

"There, between two layers of grey rock, was a square yard of silver mica, seething brightly in the sunlight--probably the first sunlight to strike it in millions of years. Itwas like opeing up a chest filled to the brim with silber, like opening a book to find a mirror leafed inside it, or like opening a trapdoor to reveal a vault of time so dizzyingly deep that i might have fallen head-first into it." Great Stone Brook 65

Thus, through the identification and understanding of panoptical time, we can more clearly see that the impact of a shift in global consciousness concerning the Social and Natural Systems we make up did indeed lead to the development of a new understanding, recreated through its physical representations. As geographical difference across space became configured as a historical difference across time, the frontier of human consciousness developed through manifestations of its own projections, realized in the resulting systems of slavery in the social sense, and the planetary consciousness of deep time in the natural.


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