theoretical foundations of potential in transdisciplinarity

ultimate harmony of difference
is the penultimate "unity-in-diversity"

.... just remember
 just remember to talk, just to be

we talk to ourselves. we talk to each other.
we base our world around talk.
is it our solution? is it our prison?
is it the substance of both our jail and our freedom?
so thin
so fleeting
and seemingly all we have, our thoughts
turned into words
turned into conversation
turned into our world.

we try to get the world to listen
to hear our reduction and our complexity

what does it matter?
it is the ultimate that will set you free. 


what is the difference between reduction and complexity? can't we reduce complexity down to its most fundamental parts in order to better understand its relevancy, altering them to reproduce the whole to sympathetically change more and more things?

people's willingness to be together i think is very necessary as opposed to their just being situated near each other. Connection is vital for communication, consideration, and eventually cocreation...(some alliteration :), but the ultimate harmony of difference, that produces something unique and wonderful is certainly necessary--not only the conditions, or form, but the content itself...perhaps this rarity is the driving force behind leadership itself, though we have not yet fully understood it, because of its indescribable "X-factor"

i think its important to remember the magnitude of "just talk," as most business seems to be based around talk itself-- just talking, writing words down, promoting those words, and getting paid and supported from those words... isn't that what a mission statement describes? its all about associating (good) words with a product and making a living off those words (and feelings)...using words to figure out what is wrong, what can you do to fix it, what do you need, how to get it, how to get others to follow you, how do you get others excited about doing those things with and for you...

its all about talk--government, economics, art, society, theology, existence...people just making sounds and trying to get the world to listen to them....


kind of general isn't it? yes, figuring out what leadership is and how one can develop themselves to do it seems obviously like the first steps in becoming a leader. in fact, there may not be much more.

i think she is right about fostering collective action as the purpose of integrative leadership, as it tries to integrate different people and their talents to collectively create something desirable. 

your version of leadership ("more of a framework or orientation to look at any leadership scale or situation, be it the particular challenge of an individual, of an organization, or of our collective level") seems to me to be more of Integral theory's competent method of considering leadership occurrences as they appear. 

social i think is pretty much all that can be integrated isn't it? you can integrate an ecosystem, or one of its parts, but you would be socializing it, meaning bringing it into the social realm, thereby integrating it. making maps of reality is to make meaning through awareness and consciousness of what is being illustrated, to consider them later when proposing a thought. thus, their proposition (to society) would be social by nature. 

 harmonizing all holons to work together would be quite a feat, something Integral strives to create. however, i fear most are not currently consciously working towards that ends, but rather are looking out for themselves. by using this relatively new concept of INTEGRAL/INTEGRATIVE leadership, the presupposition of "unity-in-diversity", or common good becomes implicit and people can (finally) work in a way that mutually benefits all.

(by the way, unity in diversity is the motto of the NWO international currency http://www.therightperspective.org/2009/07/11/nwo-coin-unveiled-at-g8/ )

declare you own everything, propose a problem, and use others' labor as the means to solve, having people take care of themselves while serving your interests.

that is god/king like.

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