assymetrical warfare

Motor vehicles running on petrol emit roughly 2.3kg of carbon dioxide, CO2, per litre of fuel combusted. Therefore, a vehicle with a 50-litre tank will release about 115kg of carbon dioxide – the main contributor to global warming (Motor). Air pollution is defined as a chemical, physical, or biological medium that reshapes the atmosphere (Air). Therefore, anything can become a pollutant if the unwanted emission is large enough to cause negative environmental and health effects (Chan). In order for the Earth to sustain itself, it is essential for the atmosphere, an intricate and dynamic natural gaseous system, to maintain its composure (Air). If the atmosphere fails to do so, then the planet will become uninhabitable for all living beings due to a human-influenced destruction of the world...


how about instead of selling bullshit, perpetuating the consumer lifestyle this entire problem is predicated on, you take a note from Bill O'Reilley: make this entire circus come to light in the courtroom of new york. Terrorism, Torture, Civil Rights, War, Privacy, Corruption, 9/11, EVERYTHING......it is all because of this one situation, and you have the chance to set a precedent after all of this crap has taken place. You better make sure this goes the right way, with the foremost experts on logic, law, policy, religion, philosophy, psychology, explaining exactly what the rules say. Let me know what your doing to prepare for this event.

quit urging people to do stuff and do it yourself.

"you are prosecuted in the first place you land..." theres a hint.

harm reduction interferes with drug prohibition. you are taking over their job. they will not like you.

accepted in bush years...anti-authority...obama years--> waiting for something to happen---> do it yourself!!!!!!!

figure out what study to do

make online education free..
make one not for profit corporation that employs everyone. dont hurt anything