maps to enlightenment

I think in creating models to live by we reassert control over the unpredictability of experience, precisely attributing to our daily routines characteristics deemed “worthy” of incorporation (so as to better enjoy ourselves). By employing and applying a universal standard to measure our success, we are able to hold ourselves accountable to a constructed ideal while at the same time defining our relationship to it as a motivating responsibility that informs our action.

None of that should sound cynical. Establishing Authority in each present moment—the Here and the Now—to determine the embodiment of one’s own soul’s desire is undoubtedly one of the greatest gifts we are born with! It is the freedom to govern our self and resonate with our own life’s work in an interactive field:

“To embody your soul is to engage in visionary action, ways of doing and being that breathe new life into the world with or without your intention to do so. To manifest your soul’s desires in the world is a political act, one that contributes, in the twenty-first century, to the Great Work.” (Plotkin 305)

Once we recognize, or accept our own authoritative interpretation of “Purpose” individually, the delivery systems we develop let us effectively express our selves and reproduce our models in beneficial ways. We are then self-empowered to affect our circumstances, determining our futures by constructing a present. Thus, reconceived determinations of shared spaces and positions can act as the blueprints and maps to enlightenment, with empathetic considerations supporting communal change:

“By sharpening the role of government, shifting practices and attitudes in business and opening up waves of opportunity for people to apply their talents in new, positive ways, the emerging citizen sector is reorganizing the way the work of a society gets done. (Bornstein 6)

To reframe the relationship of our own experiences with those of others lets us reestablish notions of the “home” we want to live in; and enact the holistic and ethical stewardship of a shared bioregion. In so doing, the opportunity to grace each other with unique contributions of self offers great insight into uncovering the Mystery for “us” too.

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