sympathizing magic: flames of the fire

wow. i don't think its hit me as hard as its ever hit me before. we are the living embodiment of our past and future as one. we are this one present moment, guided by our experiences as one single entity of shared time. and i say we because i invite you to share in my perception, because we are similar though unique. our words govern our action. and words are feelings in union experience.

we experience the world, make decisions based on logic and passion, those feelings take place in reality, with the consequences constructing our future. Because the present is all we are aware of, we base what we should do on our past, otherwise it would be a mystery to us (think, Momento). This compels us to leave clues, and our livelihoods become recycled in the food chain through time, our physical expressing directing the course of our lives. Feelings of opposition lead us to fear or embrace other things. Wars move into treaties; then laws, backed up by physical expressions again. Emotions -->thoughts--> written words--> subsequent actions. Why? people want to make sure their experience is a positive one. So their actions adapt to the circumstances. Warfare, peace treaties, laws, leases evolve during a progression of time, creating new circumstances as a natural result. So when something changes, it has effects. For instance, if there are fish in the pond, or food in bellies, or people in houses, etc one year and not another, then something may be different. By determining something to be good or bad you either keep it or exchange it.

plant crops to make sure you have food later. build houses so you have shelter later. talking bases action. Knowing this, we can associate signifying events that represent what happened in the past. what we don't know, we can associate metaphors to get in the mindset.

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