the weird thing about change is that instrinsic in the word is the notion of duration of time: something first has to be one way before it becomes another. So then the entire conceptualization of change is the transformation to something, well, "else". In this line of thinking, that "other," the "else" we do not know or understand is constantly contextualizing the present moment. And yet what it really means is "difference." that there is something "different" between yesterday and today, which therefore necessitates its own word- change. Change then lasts a lifetime, and even after.

Yet we, as interconnected beings making up the ecosystems we all depend upon, recognize the NEED to change so as to prevent the catastrophic demise of these sustaining systems, and so ourselves. therefore, our goal is not to change, but to have and be changeD. as in, "yesterday we realized we were living in an untenable situation, so we changed. and today we are living in a more acceptable way. so then our goal becomes not to change persay, but to understand what different, other way is worthy of our choosing to partake in so we might enjoy the experience of the present. In recognizing what is good, we can match our current "bad" behavior to more acceptable practices and lines of being. With this consideration, we should fix to bring that "other" future into our present quickly so that these bad moments can be relegated to our past asap.

when we get to the point where we can actually prevent unforeseen consequences, like the negative effects of climate change for instance, we will actually be constructing our future in the ways we would like them to turn out. If this is the case, then we need to start compiling lists of what we want for ourselves in the present moment, while making damn sure we have access to each at all times:

"while new technologies are important, the hidden key to long-term sustainability lies in becoming a more effective collaborative learning civilization capable of adapting rapidly and wiser before crises become critical." sos 131

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