Scaffolding Language at the Edge of History

The organized opposition of a radicalized ecological movement perhaps constitutes the greatest threat to the established order of a mechanistic worldview that retains a stranglehold on popular culture. Yet as the traditions of spiritual wisdom coalesce to educate our behaviors, we are challenged to evolve at the rate necessary to survive in a chaotic cosmos.

Universal functioning processes let society harness energies into movements whose informed intent benefits the community through revitalized habits. A planetary ethic is thus forged within each dialectic engaging notions of effecting change to create opportunity for success-- a new program to gain insight into the nature of reality, amplified through accessible media.

What results is nothing less than the affirmation that all life is valuable, a premise needed to initiate redesigning and realigning the human experience to personify this intimate realization through our own contemplation of what is regarded as truly sublime. As Thomas Berry remarks, "We need to see ourselves as integral with this emergent process, as that being in whom the universe reflects on and celebrates itself." (Dream of the Earth pg. 81)

Cleansing the poisons from the world we inhabit requires not only the will to change, but also the informed persons that necessarily maintain and facilitate a global healing. With the death of self-interested fundamentalism, society's creative edge can begin to guarantee the production of a truly inspiring social artistry. In so doing, the excuse to differ from prevailing “unnatural” beliefs and actions motivates a common purpose to construct some better quality of life, renewed by the imagined vision of a creatively conscious collaboration:

"The full potential of human communication unfolds when the communicators comprehend the strands of connection among them." (Worldshift 2012, pg. 89)

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