Vortex 2 Proposal

Vortex 2 Project Proposal:
Peace for Prosperity

“The Biodegradable Festival of Life”
Event Description


We, The Family, are putting together Vortex because we believe in it. As a non-violent group of people we believe Vortex to be a cultural and political affirmation of our common humanity and an alternative to negation and violence. We feel that by making a positive statement of new thought forms and new lifestyles, and by nurturing the reality of that statement, we are taking a political stance. This is a new kind of politics, the politics of affirmation and living example. Vortex is an attempt to concert our efforts in expanding our life styles beyond superficial horizons. Our vision is for an example of sharing this planet in a spirit of harmony and purity, where brothers and sisters from all over the world can begin the self-education and self-discipline necessary to turn our isolated attempts at new-culture into a movement.

This is a free festival. It is free because this is the only way that is consistent with a new cultural movement in America. Vortex will be completely organic and biodegradable, no concessions, no litter, and no pollution. Artists, philosophers, teachers, musicians, communes, and brothers and sisters from everywhere are invited to come, to teach, to engage, to speak and to participate in a cultural regeneration in America. Together, in workshops, in dialogues, in creative harmony with the environment, we will begin: culturally, politically, ecologically, humanly...we will begin.

Vortex is not something you merely come to, Vortex is something you are. We are inviting each of you from everywhere who is interested in participating in such an effort, to bring the best each of you have to share with your brothers and sisters.

Underground Media Blast 5/29
Communicate with Festival Groups 6/1
Connect with Sponsors 6/4
Schedule of Events 6/11
Setup 6/15

3 days rest; Prepare for hemp to be grown and Cannabis to be consumed.

6/19: Go



Oregon Cannabis Tax Act Volunteers (OCTAVs)
Corvallis Cannabis Movement (CCM)
Students for a Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP)
Oregon State University Pride Center (OSUPC)
National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML)
Democracy Resources (DR)
Pacific Green Party (PGP)
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)
Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse (MAMA)
Purple Diamond Industries (PDI)
Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp (CRRH)
Portlandsterdam (PDXM)
Marijuana Policy Project (MPP)
Oregon State Government
All Others


OSU Barometer
Corvallis Alchemist
Tikkun Magazine
Yahoo! Campaign
Social Media
All Else

Media = Education; Organizations = Movement


Milo McIver State Park, 24101 South Entrance Road, Estacada, OR USA


June 19, 2010-June 28, 2010


Initiative-73, the “Oregon Cannabis Tax Act” (OCTA), needs 100,000 signatures in 4 weeks before the July 2 deadline. This proposed initiative, if simultaneously passed alongside California and Washington’s similar initiatives, would have considerable implications in terms of its effect on the “war on drugs” and our ability to live freely.

One senior Harvard economist estimates we spend $44 billion a year fighting the war on drugs. He says if they were legal, governments would realize about $33 billion a year in tax revenue, causing a net swing of $77 billion, and potentially alleviating the effects of prohibition on local and international relations.

This week-long “festival of life” will be celebrating alternatives to war, while simultaneously taking the time to go through the process of registering to vote (if needed) and signing the I-73 petition. Those from out of state will be matched with any relevant petition from their own localities. The intent of this festival is to end the war on drugs, while proving the means to capably coordinate a sustainable community action program with which to direct further action at a later point in time.


Using social media, everyone interested will come together in a transparent and visible forum to reproduce the original "biodegradable festival of life." This will demonstrate the coordination of a knowledgeable networked community action through the re-creation of a working blueprint, while using documentation of the original event to provide an outline for a week-long celebration.


This is a demonstration of sustainable community organization that taps multiple networks to provide expertise in whatever field each can offer, collaborating to build something positive and unique, bigger than what any one person could do alone. The more or less “hybrid” of Jamboree and Family will be taking responsibility for energizing, educating, and entertaining a mass group of people, exemplifying tangible change through "being" a certain way—namely, “Sustainable!”

This will be a volunteer effort, reliant on student groups and local organizations that favor compassion to come together and enjoy something "else" entirely, that is, themselves.

We are thus needing as many people as possible to commit to showing up at a certain place and time, established by evidence. Using an “Underground Railroad” to get fans to the premises, self-organized participants will learn (through Free-school series workshops) how to build a celebration, learning to “change” the physical world through directed effort.

Once 100,000 people are committed to attending (and more and more will once bands and organizations commit), we will go to the Governor to re-enact the procedure that generated the 1st Vortex. http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=121700547861975&ref=ts (If one person invites 350 friends on Facebook, who then invite 350 of their friends and each accept, the process would be done in 2 synchronized clicks. With the potential of media technology today, this is a definite possibility).


-Locals (offered up by various groups)
-Slightly Stoopid?
-Steel Pulse?
-The Expendables?
-Dirty Heads?
-Neil Diamond?
-Tom Petty?
-Green Day?
-Blue Turtle Seduction?
-Speakers, Presenters, Conferences
-Darkmatter Soundsystem presents - Void Sessions
-Permaculture/Village Building Convergence
-Ghost Dance/Sun Dance/Native American Drum/Peyote Circle
-Spiritual Awakening


Once the necessary amount of signatures are received, our “purpose” dissipates (though bodies can stay for as long as they are willing). There will be no exit plan until… the same applies in Afghanistan? Iraq? Until the cleanup of gulf? This is not our responsibility. Let people stay where they want to be. Musicians, organizations, presenters, workshops…continue for as long as can be sustained.
We are expecting 100,000 Oregonians and 44,000 Immigrants and need to give people Jobs to do…

(Suggest targeting/starting with…)

The results of the homeless student count listed below:
15,517 of Oregon’s 562,828 K-12 students (2.8%) were homeless for some period of time during 2006-07
7,178 homeless students were enrolled in grades K-5
3,235 homeless students were enrolled in grades 6-8
5,104 homeless students were enrolled in grades 9-12
Just as in 05-06, the greatest numbers of homeless students were 12th graders (1,516)
2,487 students within the total count were unaccompanied homeless minors who had been abandoned by parents, or had runaway from home or foster care placement.

Within the total count, at the time of their enrollment, 10,737 homeless students in Oregon reported sharing housing with relatives or friends due to economic hardship or similar reason; 1,848 reported living in a homeless shelter; 2012 were reported as unsheltered or living in substandard housing; and 920 were living in motels.

$5,000 by Friday 5/28. Direct Effect:

Attendance: Day/Night

Saturday 6/19: 500/1,000
Sunday 6/20: 1,200/5,000
Monday 6/21: 2,500/7,000
Tuesday 6/22: 3,000/25,000
Wednesday 6/23: 30,000/45,000
Thursday 6/24: 50,000/75,000
Friday 6/25: 90,000/115,000
Saturday 6/26: 125,000/130,000
Sunday 6/27: 144,000

Set up a donation fund.


Use Facebook for event RSVP to get >100,000 attendees http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/event.php?eid=121700547861975&ref=ts

Upgrade from event to group to see who is committed to change

Utilize Twitter for developing updates, quick organization

Organize division of labor using steering committee to coordinate volunteers http://vortex2.ning.com/

Snowball into something insane

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