थे लिमिटेड एंड थे उन्लिमितेद

time is the distance between two points. massive systems of cells are set in motion, their intent sustained by energetic forces (one force?). All tied to universal relativity, a self-absorbed creature preening and "bettering" itself, reflected in a fractured mirror. Light illuminates an obscure theorem, so we are able to know, propagate, and rearrange the objects, those sensory perceptions that impact our point of views.

Distance to Sun, Milky Way, Virgo Super Cluster, all are at different distances away from the "self," measured in the "speed of light." The speed of light is distance between 2 objects. Things are bigger than each other, though in greater systems, i.e. the Solar System. How is knowledge conceived? Associating feeling with an interpretation (schema) that allows insight into what is happening.

Shapes and feelings over time become stories, the narrative of how things got to where they are and the feelings they provoked. more superclusters moving away from us. light to atoms to suns to new atoms, to new light. fusion. we are here because a star was destroyed/sacrificed, so new creativity could be born! self-organizing dynamics. complexity science! membranes and cells, life! emergence of planets self organizing dynamics. resonate with the sun! photosynthesis, eat energy. Relationship with light of sun. Imagination, don't let photon disappear! Harness the productive cycle forever. DEEP MAGIC and SEXUALITY. New creatures are synthesized. Deepen awareness through minerals. 40 attempts to produce eyes. Sight invented. Senses. Life experiences new selves.

Time mutates: Rate of development slowed down. No fixed genetic programs, playful stage, freedom, slowed down development to free play forever. we figured out way to remain free of time. DEFINITION OF HUMAN. What should we do??? Fascination, curiosity is dangerous. Capacity to be astounded, Feelings of beauty, suffering...emotionality. Share and communicate through language inner experiences convey language groups.

LEARNING IS EVOLUTION OF SPECIES. Learn about past is to learn of reality. Past insight = present insight. Language, images, inferences of truth. Orient directives to maximize. MAKE INTENTION PHYSICAL. Make permanent the Abstract. To possess knowledge forever. Experience is a guidance system. individual is perspective of collective experience. Amass insight through learning. What to know? What to do? What to say? What to feel?

Learn to read interpretations of knowledge: Arithmetic, Music, Geometry, and Philosophy. Trans-diciplines, numbers are essence of all human knowledge and existence. Model the universe, numbers are key. Soul is reason, emotion, and intelligence. Immortality escapes Physical death.

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