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Through knowledge and education, a universal order joining myth to reason is formed. Archetypes, metaphors for the concrete world are found to determine that order, with mathematics as examples of these absolute truths (geometry, algebra, arithmetic), our imaginations developed as useful in the quest to attain knowledge. These archetypes govern nature and compose the basic substance of our minds (love, rage, musical affinities are personified as the deities Aphrodite, Ares, and Apollo respectively). Early philosophers considered then that Nature and Divinity were intertwined, though this understanding changed to naturalistic empiricism before long.

Pythagoras believed a thorough understanding of the world should be based on 3 disciplines, the forms of mathematics, the harmonies of music, and the motions of the planets. Each of these helped to clarify one another, and Pythagoras considered the spheres in the heavens to be making music that he himself could hear. Thus, the personal self was educated to more completely resonate with the Universe’s self through the formulation of a creative mind. As individuals developed their own experiences, each then knew their own separate reality, distinct from one another’s. It was recognized that informed students would contribute to the prosperity of their communities and attain personal success, freed from the traditional assumptions and the place in the world afforded to them by birth.

True knowledge, then, is not the perception of an objective reality open to scientific observation and manipulation, nor should it be considered the study of a disenchanted world marked by a simplistic epistemology unconscious to the depths, complexity and grandeur of the cosmos. Rather, a lasting education must bypass the ontological estrangement and spiritual alienation characterizing our common worldview and institute a participatory framework that transcends the separation between body and psyche, so that the student might regard herself as the essential vehicle for the creative self-unfolding of reality.

In so doing, the physical, mental, and spiritual might correspond with one another, between the processes of Cosmic Nature and Microcosmic Human, allowing for the invoking of divinity within ourselves, emanating creation from our minds and harmonizing with the potential power of that which is inherent to our empathetic being.

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