Creative Destruction:

Observations of Deep Green Resistance and Recapitulations to Capital

By considering the natural world in terms of pure capital, Earth is being processed into wealth via the ongoing mutation of a market profiting from exploited labor. Hierarchies are set up to control productive forces that maintain the theft and destruction of the planet, simultaneously ensuring a perpetual struggle by those who recognize the inherent irrationality of such suicidal tendencies. Unfortunately, alternatives to dominant systems are often considered antithetical, so that those acting in defense of natural systems often do so illegally as law usually protects business interests above all else. This confrontation results in the perpetuation of social relations that transform the political economy through a mobilized global resistance effort for self-liberation. As activists risk physical discomfort for the possibility of bringing artistic compassion and beauty into the world through independent action, their approaches must be constantly redefined to resonate with public perceptions in order to make revolution irresistible.

This entails that an oppositional group will necessarily splinter in two particular groups for greater efficacy—one that continues to manage the systematic evolution of a world order, regulating it in “acceptable” ways that mitigate any potential harm; and an underground component whose affinity groups are dedicated to targeting and ending the power of institutions that perpetuate suffering. Yet both must expose problems and appeal to public consciences so as to maintain accountability to an autonomous community through the potential and realized force of concerned individuals.

Even so, the deterministic nature of capitalism ensures the constant exploitation by those who control capital. Human society could, through the market, transform the built environment into a cyclical system, retrofitting the energy grid to ensure efficient consumption; place a moratorium on all corporate carbon emissions; redesign industry to foster an environmentally sustainable economy; and utilize green technology to harness enough energy to supply demand; but if it is to simply perpetuate the coercive nature of appropriating surplus wealth from popular effort, then why should anyone seek to sustain the enforcement of such a violent system based in alienating a population from its own productivity?

Nature is the result and process of billions of years of creation, where energy is neither created nor destroyed but rather transformed into new states of matter. Conscious critiques of our relation to those states can help us redefine the outward manifestation of the structural “laws” that daily condition us, and in so doing, reconfigure the form of its material construction. The spiritual renewal of deep green resistance is an expressed antithesis to malignant capital processes—a radical response to the exploitation of a common creation. Empowering the conscious collaboration of local community justice systems acts as the disruptive technology needed to revolutionize social structures from within and without, whereby alternative systems of relation can be realized through well thought out strategic campaigns aimed at overthrowing obsolete models and definitions of social cohesion.

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