Magic, Yoga, and the Mystery of Nature

The politics of liberation represent the prayer of the universe, understood through the psychotherapies of the east and west as they respond to the dissolution of the social contract and the rise of inequality, addressed in play-therapy.

Words structure mental concepts so that books monkeywrench oppressive paradigms of imperial ideals that co-opt the american dream. Revolution is a redistribution of primacy for potency in a phenomenal world. Evil/Disconnection/Ignorance is unholy in a phenomenal world.

Symbiosis, partnership, nothing dissolves in an evolving history. We are both part and whole. Through the deconstruction of prejudice, the dependent interelation of life grows. Small--no insignificant--microcosms are self propagating organisms- complex constitutents of specialization. Consciousness reflects evolution. Bacteria are smallest unit of life. Intelligence is a property of microcosms--> what about cosmic intellegence?--> reconsider the cultural narrative and author active folklore. Land reform and the industrial worker networked in a political economy--> terro in an empire, occult science of magic, energy powers systemic change through empatheitic communication.

Effect of massive bodies on human bodies relating/emerging from earth. Conditions for complexity, trelating to surroundings. Ecology = environment. Existence of subjects in relation.

Yoga seeks to arrive at Reality by
undermining the foundations of the ordinary waking consciousness,
so that upon the tranquil sea of mentality which follows upon the
cessation of all thought, the inner eternal Sun of spiritual splendour
could shine to shed an irradiation of light and life and immortality,
to enhance the whole worth of man. All the practices and exercises
in the Yoga systems are so many scientific steps, having as their
one objective the complete abeyance of all thought at will. The
mind must be thoroughly emptied at will of its content. Magic, on
the other hand, is a mnemonic system of psychology in which the
almost interminable ceremonial details, the circumambulations,
conjurations, and suffumigations are deliberately intended for the
exaltation of the imagination and soul, with the utter transcending
of the normal plane of thought. In the one case, the spiritual axe is
laid to the root of the tree, and the effort made consciously to under-
mine the whole structure of consciousness in order to reveal the soul
below. The Magical method, as opposed to this, endeavours to rise
altogether beyond the plane where trees and roots and axes exist.
The result in both cases-ecstasy and a marvellous outpouring of
gladness, wildly rapturous and incomparably holy-is identical...
In any event, Magic proves more efficacious and
puissant when combined with the control of the mind which it is the
object of Yoga to achieve. And likewise the ecstasies of Yoga I
acquire a certain rosy hue of romantiI
when associated with the art of Magic.

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