Oningness and E.A.A.O.

i don't really believe that what is going on is what really exists. I would like to know what really is going on and maybe even contribute to what goes on. Where is on? What is on? What it what is on on? What if what was going on isn't the only thing on? What else is on? Why is what's on going on? Where is it on? All these questions characterize the innate character on oningness--that is, the state of being on. perhaps the very nature of the state of being on categorically assumes itself to be on, but that seems like it would be inherently ongoing in the first place.

what goes on implies a subject, verb, and preposition, implying a coordinate occupying space for a given period of time, exercising some sort of quality of being on as what is previously occurring from one moment until it stops. time develops, subjects react to environments, environments are affected by reactions.

a symbiotic relationship sustains life, turning its self on. off is never on. on negates off. does off exist if embedded within it is the potential for difference--oningness? Everything All At Once.

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